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Did I Contract It

Last night I had unprotected sex with a female who tested HIV positive some years ago. Oral sex and vaginal pentration and kissing. She told me that her HIV is dormant and that while I may want to use protection, it's more difficult to contract it from a female. She also stated that her HIV is sow low as to be now undetectable. I need information on the likelihood that I contracted it last night, what I need to do to protect myself and what I don't have to worry about. I would like to continue a relationship with this woman so I want to protect myself and her feelings as well.
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a person who is hiv positive...EVEN WITH AN UNDETECTABLE VIRAL LOAD...is still infectious and can transmit hiv.

how to protect yourself????  should have worn a condom.

no one here can tell you if you were infected...so you will need to test to know your status.  a test at 3 months is conclusive.
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as lizzie said ..even an undetectable viral load ..doesn't mean there is no virus in her vaginla fluid...   its very hard to tell that u r infected or not..there are odds but.. u r at risk...1/1000 in one unprotected vaginal sex with one hiv positive person.. so get tested .. an better wear condom next time..  
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You went unprotected even after knowing that she is +ve,,"some years ago", she is still +ve because HIV's association becomes lifelong once it invades.
If it was just last night, seek an immediate medical help and see an expert doctor on HIV, he might decide PEP for you because your exposure was with a confirmed +ver partner.
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start PEP from ER right now. It is 72 hours effective and PEP has 83% positive protection.
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Yes unfortunately, your only option for Post Exposure Prophylaxis over this weekend will be ER departments unfortunately. They are not the ideal provider to be administering PEP, but time is of the essence to get started.

On Monday morning, I would contact this girl's Infectious Disease doctor and explain what happened. He/she would have a better understanding if a PEP regimen is really necessary for you, given that they know the extent of the control of her infection.

While nobody is advocating your decision to have unprotected sex, control of viral load does reduce the risk of infection.
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check with her/your doctor immediately (within 72 hours) whether they rekon PEP.

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