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Did I contract HIV even with protected sex?

Last month, on 21st August, I slept with a prostitute. We used protection (condom) but after a week I started coughing, and experiencing lower abdomen pains. I feel internal strain around my genitals but there are no ulcers or rash around them or anywhere in my skin! My cough has also subsided and I don't have flu. I do not have a serious sore throat nor have my lymph nodes swollen. My fever is normal and I am not sweating at night. I am scared I might have contracted HIV but I am also wondering why and I used protection. Recently I have been unable to make love to my wife although we have already done it without protection after the August 21st sex event. What are my chances that I have HIV? Could this be another STI? Or I am just scared for nothing? Paranoia has gotten better part of me and all I can think now is how I am gonna die and leave my wife and a kid who is only months old!
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Protection means protection. If the condom does not fail and remains intact during sex, the risk is Zero. Your symptoms look like some common infection. You do not have chances of contracting HIV if your protection did not fail.
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Thank you sir. I am getting a little worried coz today I noticed a white discharge from my penis. I am afraid of visiting my doctor for testing, I don't know if I can bear the news that I have the disease I have dreaded all my life! What could the sign of discharge be?
You don't have HIV.  You were never at risk for HIV and there is no reason to test for a disease that you cannot have.  Go see a doctor - penile discharge has nothing to do with HIV, but it could be an infection, and you might need antibiotics.
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