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Did I got HIV?

Thank you for your comment. I want to add some more to my inquiry. I did anal sex with him with a condom (I am the top) too. but during oral sex (receiving) without a condom. We had several sessions same day, same day. AND he did anal fingering to me and rimming. Due to his fingering my anal opening was damaged and I saw some blood, I am very much worried whether I got HIV from this activity.
Can HIV transmit through saliva? That guy is a sex worker.
Exactly after one month, I got fever, soar throat, tonsillitis and one mouth ulcer.
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No risk,you used protection for the penetrative anal sex & the other activities you engaged in were no risk.
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Dear Doctor,
Thank you very much. your comments give me energy to live.
BUT why I got these symptooms without a reason?
Until I got these symptoms I was confident that I was safe. But after having these symptoms after a month, I am totally upset
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See your doctor if you are concerned.
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Thanks for your comment. Doctor asked me to wait 3 months for the test
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Then your doctors knows nothing about HIV transmission,you never had a risk.
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Thanks for your comment.
Actually doctor said I got pharyngitis. But he told me if I am worrying too much, have a blood test after 3 months.
When I search for pharyngitis, one of a cause of pharyngitis is HIV. I have not exposed to any other source which causes pharyngitis in recent pass. That makes me worry too much.
BUT I am very sure that my condom was not broken during anal sex.
I am in a confusion situation.
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Do you think it is not necessary to take the test after 3 months for me?

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Why would you take a test if you never had a risk.
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EVERY ailment you google will mention hiv. That's because hiv positive people are susceptible to all conditions because of the diminished immune response. My daughter just got folliculitis and it sayd hiv as a major cause.
Your 'symptoms' came too late to be hiv related and sound more typical of a common throat infection.
You do NOT need a test unless you can't move on mentally without the reassurance.

P.S. From a list of hiv myths...  Myth #9
HIV can be spread during contact with saliva, such as through kissing or the sharing of utensils.

HIV may be found in saliva, but it is in too small an amount to infect anyone.
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Thank you very much giving great mental support to me.
The reason why I need to confirm is I am married and my wife is feeding our new baby. So, I want be 100% clear that I am not infected. That is the only reason.
I am sorry for my stupid question. However after your comments I think I am at zero risk.
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Thank you very much for your kind advice. It gives me energy to pull out my worries.
Internet says symptoms comes within 2 to 4 weeks. I got symptoms at 4th week.
According to you it is too late.
I feel I am not infected now. Thank you very much.
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Live happily ever after with your wife & child,you made mistake & you learned from it.Don't make anymore mistakes & love your family.
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Hi Teak,
Although you and Rainlover71 assured that I have no risk exposure, physiologically I am suffering a lot thinking of I have HIV because of the symptoms I got during my 4th week of exporsure.
I am thinking of go for test after 6 weeks.
Do you think I should do it or wait till 3 months?
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Dear Sir,
You mentioned that "Your 'symptoms' came too late to be hiv related and sound more typical of a common throat infection".
My symptoms came just after the 4th week. It says early HIV symptoms can come out between 2 to 6 weeks.
If it is normal infection it should be infected to my wife too, since I kissed her many times. I am very much worrying about my situation.
Just after the 4th week of exposure I get flue of 38.5 C. Is it high fever or low, during ARS?
I am sorry for asking many questions..
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You don't require a test & those symptoms don't mean a thing.
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Thank you very much for your kind reply always.
So you meant my symptoms came just after 4th week [ fever, soar throat, tonsillitis and one mouth ulcer] are not related to HIV?
My wife is feeding my new baby. So, I am really really afraid to have sex with my wife. I don't want to give HIV to my innocent wife or lovely baby.
I mentally suffer a lot what I did.
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Get some therapy for the guilt & be thankful you don't have HIV.
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Thank you very much Sir.
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