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Did I put someone at Risk? HIV, PEP

Thank you to all who take the time to answer my questions. Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

I’m afraid I’m stupidly exposed someone else to HIV. I had an exposure with a man (I bottomed) 4 days ago and began PEP exactly 24 hours after the possible exposure.

I am taking Truvada and Raltegravir. Yesterday, (3 days after exposure and 2 days on PEP) I had protected sex with a female partner (I, the insertive male) and when I ejaculated I am afraid some spilled off the base of the condom.

If I began PEP 24 hours after possible exposure and had protected sex with someone else on Day 2 of PEP, could I have biologically put them at risk for HIV if by any chance the ejaculate spilled off the condom?
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Was your first encounter unprotected or protected?
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Briefly unprotected. No full ejaculate.
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As you rightly know, you have put your self at risk. However, your other partner hasn't been put at risk due to usage of condom. Ejaculation doesn't spill out of condom accidentally, if your condom didn't fail, there is no risk that can be associated to this event.

You could take a test at 28 days from the last dose of your PEP.
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**Ejaculated semen doesn't spill out of condom accidentally.
I understand. Thank you for your response. But in your expertise, and I know this forum does not like to deal with hypotheticals, but if seminal fluid were to have been in contact with her, but I was on 2 days of PEP, would the virus be able to infect:

1. At such an early stage (not sure if 3 days is enough for the virus to reproduce and be able to infect)

2. If PEP was also involved after 24 hours of possible exposure.

I would greatly appreciate your response.  
No scope for what-ifs. What if the earth loses it's gravity? We can go on about it all day long but is it going to change anything? Because it's a what-if. It does not seem that earth is going to lose it's gravity like semen didn't spill out of the condom.

Please read all the responses to your question, you have been addressed and there is nothing left to be desired.
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