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Did a PEP-treatment after oral risk

Dear all,

8 weeks ago I was stupid enough to perform oral sex on a guy who admitted afterwards that he was HIV-positive. He did not *** in my mouth as such, but his first load shot into my mouth and I kept sucking for a while after he had ejaculated. So I definitely had his semen in my mouth. Having talked to a counsellor on a telephone hotline, I went to my local hospital asking about the possibility of a PEP-treatment. The counsellor said that it was likely they wouldn
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Who ever gave you PEP were nuts. You didn't need PEP for oral sex.
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Hi Teak, thank you for your input. I know oral HIV transmission is very unlikely - but they offered me it nonetheless, because I was absolutely certain that he was HIV-positive, and I have had his semen in my mouth.

Is it because PEP-treatment is costly that they usually don't hand it out for oral risks? I mean even though it's a small risk? I guess I was lucky when it comes to side effects, because I hardly had any except the first two days.

On one hand doctors say "oral sex is not safe sex" on the other hand they say "no PEP for oral risks" - as I said - I know that the risk is small, but I think when you know your partner is HIV-positive and you know that you had semen in your mouth I personally think PEP is ok... But then again - I'm no doctor... (I'm just scared :-))
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While it may be a 'theoretical' risk only, HIV is not a 'theoretical' virus. Good call regardless, I say. You can never be too sure. I wish I had gotten PEP after my 'exposure;' I'd trade that for the worry/freak out I've been having for the last 54 days, for sure.
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Side effects from PEP are more dangerous than your negligible risk of oral sex and PEP is not 100% effective even if you would have had a high risk. Yes, 28 days is expensive, but not half as expensive as to what the effects could have been.  
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did you get PEP 1-2 hours after possible exposure? and did you finish PEP? whats your your HIV result
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What are you talking about? I've been positive for 23 years before they had any medication other than AZT.
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I started the PEP-treatment about 18-20 hours after the incident. It went on for 30 days, and I completed the treatment. Didn't eat much the first week, lost 10 pounds. Had nausea throughout the whole month but for some reason it was worst in the last 2 weeks. All in all - although it wasn't fun(!), I think I was lucky regarding side-effects, which can be pretty severe (as I understand it).

I had a test at treatment-start (which was negative), another after one month (which also was negative), and I had another test Tuesday (after 2 months) and I'll get the result from that next week. If the test turns out to be negative, which I pray that it will, I'll need a final test after the 12-week mark...

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A conclusive test after PEP is 13 weeks my friend. Don't take my response as being upset with you. It is being upset with a Dr that doesn't know is butt from a whole in the ground when prescribing PEP. What medication did your Dr. prescribe?
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I was given Kaletra and Combiwir and was told to take 2 pills (1 of each) 2 times a day - for a month.
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FYI (if interested) - my 8 week test (taken last week) was negative (got the answer today). Tomorrow is 9 weeks after incident. So - 3 more weeks to go :-/ Fingers crossed... I pray the last test will be negative as well.

God bless you all!
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u dunt need more tests yaar....i feel so...
REST on experts like teak n mike...follow them
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Thanks for your comment. I'm gonna take the test at 12 weeks to be 100% sure.

Actually, I have read somewhere that if you do a PEP-treatment, you should actually wait ANOTHER 4 weeks (making it 16 weeks total from date of risk-incident), because the treatment may have supressed the virus in that first month, so it wouldn't show in the test - but my doctor said this wasn't so... Confusing to say the least - but I'm going with my doctors words...

Any comments on that - PEP-treatment vs. reliable test result are welcome!

Best wishes!
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I'd think that any test at any time would be fine, since you weren't at any real risk anyway. You shouldn't have had PEP in the first place.
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> "I'd think that any test at any time would be fine[...]"

Thank you for your input. I'm unsure, what you mean by this?
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"While it may be a 'theoretical' risk only, HIV is not a 'theoretical' virus. Good call regardless, I say. You can never be too sure. I wish I had gotten PEP after my 'exposure;' I'd trade that for the worry/freak out I've been having for the last 54 days, for sure."

1. You think PEP is easy **** ?
2. "HIV is not a theoretical virus" What do you know about HIV ?
3. You wanted to have PEP for non-risk scenario, this is stupid, it's PEP not Antacid
4. If you would have dealt with your anxiety, read about transmission and listened to what others had advised you would have not trade for the worry you've been having for the last 54 days, for sure too !
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You result would be HIV negative, you are an idiot to go for PEP and the one who gave you the same was a super duper idiot.

You can't acquire the virus from the incidence you've mentioned here even though your partner was HIV positive.
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I'm sorry, Mike. I have no idea what going through pep consists of. This is true. I guess I hope I never know from the sound of it. HIV scares the **** out of me; this is true as well. HIV should scare the **** out of everyone these days enough to take all risk of acquiring it away. However, HIV does not dominate the headlines the way it did in the 90s yet it is obvious the virus is still spreading worldwide. This is my first scare with it...extremely strange symptoms after a sexual encounter (low risk or not). I'm still not sure how oral sex is a non risk scenario if there are possible circumstances that could create a risk scenario. Nonetheless, we should all at least think before we get a blowjob, go down on a girl, or engage in the activity above. Any MD will agree with that. While this may be a 'difficult' virus to transmit, the risk is VERY real and the virus DOES exist in large numbers. Calling overthepond an idiot for this does not solve anything. I'm still nervous after a 54 day negative test no matter how low the odds. I am not obsessing with this as much as I once did, but the fear still exists...and you know what, if I come out of this without seroconverting, other than some lost sleep and tons of time dicking around on the internet, I will consider my anxiety worthwhile as I, regardless of outcome, am going to be a TON more careful in the future. As I'm sure overthepond and every other person who comes out of this site negative will be.
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I apologise, I didn't want to be rude but you people make me sick some times, you guys don't have a risk to begin with and loose sleep over it, look at the mother who's expecting her baby tested positive on an ELISA and negative on the WB, look at the the fella who's buddy tested positive and probably might have infected an innocent wife for nothing at all.........

Look, I told y'all oral sex is no risk believe it or not it's at your complete discretion, I can bet any thing you want me to on your as well as overthepond 's result . It'll be negative and that is the bottom line.
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Dude, of course we appreciate you guys. You are the constant ones saying, for the most part, relax, you don't really have anything to worry about. Without you guys we'd all be much worse off. There have really only been a few really extremely high risks posts anyways (ie unprotective anal with known HIV+). It's just the internet usually fucks us over with descriptions of symtoms. By the way, how do you feel about take home instant tests. They could help me through this. Or is it not worth the potential positive or false positive that would probably send many of us over the edge without counselling or retesting.

Thanks, man.
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still no answer on this.
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Sorry, wasn't near the computer.

I don't advise for home testing kits for a numerous reasons

1. False positive

2. Most of the time, people testing on these lits are not satisfied later

3. Possibility of application error

A rapid (20 mins) test is a better option.
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Got it. It's just hard to wait. Thanks, man.
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Don't worry, it'll be negative :)
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Thanks for your input to you both...

I'm pretty sure that oral sex is not risk-free - the odds are low, but risk-free it is not.

When they let me have the PEP I was in for a check-up after one week. Besides getting my test-result for the test done on risk-day I guess this week-after check-up is for evaluating the side-effects of the PEP-treatment. Since I only had some side-effects the first couple of days (besides nausea, which was pretty much the whole month) I think that's why they let me continue with the PEP. If I had major side-effects I'm sure they would have cancelled the treatment.

I live in Denmark (Europe) so guidelines may differ from yours. Normally they don't offer PEP after oral-risk, but they did for me. Dont' know what to say besides that...

I'm glad you feel confident that I will turn out fine, mike_no, but for me it's about being 100% sure. Both the doctor and the hotline adviser told me not to worry. This has proved impossible :-/

I pray my final test in 3 weeks will be negative as well, so I can move on. And yes - I have learned my lesson for sure.

I hope the best for you as well!
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