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Dipping with condom


I had Monday a date with gay man. He put on condom and tried to take me anally. He didn’t actually penetrate me but it was more like dipping, it lasted 10 to 20 sec or so. He dipped just at the entrance of my anus. He did not ejaculate at all. Afterwards i saw the expiry date was from december 2020, I feel so stupid I didn’t pay attention at first.  The condom did not break at all. Lots of lube was used too. Should i take pep?
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Condoms have an expiration date because the latex can weaken over time and cause the condom to burst.  Clearly, the condom stayed intact, and you had no risk for HIV.

I sincerely hope you are able to get mental health help for your anxiety.  You've been here for about 2 years and you have over 50 posts in this forum, constantly worried about HIV, and coming up with a new fear about no-risk events each time.  It isn't rational to fixate on HIV to this level.
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I had a chat with a std chatservice. They told me the condom could have microholes and i was not protected. There was a chance for hiv and i should make appointment with family doctor if i should take pep or not. Then a nurse told me i had no chance for catching hiv. But those two advices confused me. Therefore my question.
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