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Do I Have HIV.?

Dear Mike.

i will go directly to the point,

i had a sex relation for my first time on last June 2011 , it was with my GF who had a sex before ( she was not virgin ),
after that with a while ( Like A Month) i started to have some weired symptoms like flue (headache , diahara , muscle pain , swollen lymph nodes) all these symptomps gone after a while , only the swollen lyph nodes is there since last july , ( Also there is a sore throat , ulcers in my mouth ) all the time since then it didn't ever gone
my lymph nodes in my nick is swollen since then Also my sore is throat ( i cannot swallow easly like normal ) beside the ulcers in my mouth all the time,

i'm so afraid to take the test , so i asked my GF who take the test immediately on October ( ELISA TEST ) which comes Non-Reactive.
we were still afraid so she repeated the test in November (ELISA TEST ) also come Non-Reactive.

she had a nother test afew days ago ( DEC 20" ) ( HIV AG\AB ) which also comes Negative

but i still have the ulcers & hard to swallow & swollen lymph nodes in the Nick

can u help me with an Answer Of ( DOES SHE HAVE IT or NO ???? )
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did you gf show u the results of the hiv test if she did and they were all negative then u dont have unless u had unproteced sex with someone else who has it
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