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Do I have HIV? I am really scared.........what do you think?

I am really scared to get tested and wanted to know my probabilities of having the HIV??  Back in Feb 05' I had PROTECTED sex with a sex worker.  This happened in sub-Saharan country... I know you must think I am a complete fool... which I agree.  Anyhow, I got scared after the event and approximately 6 weeks later I had the "flu" symptom.  I totally panicked and the flu lasted about a week.  It was a pretty strong flu and I have always thought that I have contracted the HIV since then.  I am scared even at the thought of getting tested because I am 90% convinced that I am HIV positive.  There was deep kissing involved and I always wondered why I had the flu six weeks later.  To add fuel to the fire of anxiety, I was admitted to the hospital about a month ago for food poisoning.  I had a CBC done then and my White blood cell count was 3.3...which was low.  My absolute Neutrop was 1.6 (low) and Absolute Lymphs 1.3.   Of course, I was online trying to figure the meaning of these numbers and I because nervous again when I understood it all.  The doctor who looked at my CBC assumed  that everything was fine and I was released from the hospital.  I am African American and apparently AA's can have unusually low white blood cell count.  What percentages of African American's have white blood cell count below normal?   So....what do you think?  What are the probabilities in term of percentages that I am HIV positive?  I have my self 90% percent chance and some days I am 100% sure.  I appreciate your thoughts and response.   Thank You.

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I forgot to mention that everything in my CBC appeared normal besides the low white blood cell count.  My red blood count was 5.34... platelets 238.  Thanks again
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"What are the probabilities in term of percentages that I am HIV positive? "

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