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Do I have HIV, PLEASE help ? is rapid test reliable ? *Tongue picture attached*

I've had sex with a sex worker (female) 2 months ago
Sex was protected (vaginal) however I wasn't always erected through the intercourse so I'm not really sure if condom is really effective in this case or not

After 4 days I felt that the tip of my tongue is burning and 2 days after that I found my tongue has red spots on it and covered with white coat
I was totally freaked out and paranoid and later on I felt all of the symptomps of HIV except for fever and skin rash

On the 17th day after the exposure I had an HIV rapid test and got the result after 20 minutes and it was negative
Doctor said that what I had on my tongue *might be* a chlamydia but he didn't do any tests to say that, he just said this by just looking at my tongue
He gave me a dose of azithromycin and after couple of days nothing changed
After that I got another dose but again nothing happened

on day 24 after the exposure I did a PCR test which came negative as well
and last thing is that after 6 weeks I went to another clinics they did all STD tests and they all came negative (including HIV rapid test, Syphilis, Gnorehha , Chlamydia)
And now after 2 months the tongue symptomps didn't go away but I started to feel that my left lymph node and my throat are really burning every once and a while and my tongue is now what they call it scalloped tongue (wavy edges)

So I told myself if this might not be STD then I might go to a general practitioner
And I did and she asked for a blood test and a stomach test
And the blood test showed that I have signs of infection, she told me that the numbers are a little bit elevated and not high
*This were'nt an HIV test it was a general blood test*

So I told her what might be this infection about she told me she doesn't know but we will have to wait for the stomach test

Please Please Please I started to go crazy again ! Please I need your opinion
Could this be an HIV ?
Is it possible that all of these tests might not be very accurate and my body took a little longer to show infection ?
What might be the infection that I have ?
I really appreciate your help

My current tongue picture:

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Fully erect or not, as long as the condom covered your  penis head, you had protected sex. Protected sex us safe sex in regards to hiv. You had no risk.

Whatever symptoms you're going through isn't hiv. Please continue to work with your doctor to sort your ailments out.
Thanks a lot for your answer
My concern is what's on my tongue could be candida which is a result of a weak immune system, which is unfortunately a very bad indicator
jr112233, I went through the same anxiety in my life, and I can totally empathize with you. Candida is present in all of our bodies all the time, and its growth is kept in check by our immune system and the good bacteria inside us. But when we become anxious, this leads to elevated cortisol levels in the body which can aggravate candida. I went through the same and had a white tongue (which looked exactly like yours) and a penile thrush. When the anxiety subsided, all of it disappeared in 3 days. :)

And as long as you had worn a condom, and it did not break, you have no risk. Regardless of whether you were erect or not. Just chill.

You are becoming anxious about an encounter that posed no risk at all, and this candida overgrowth is completely due to anxiety and elevated cortisol levels. Just google "cortisol and candida" , and you will know. :) :)
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Candida's present in all of our bodies, and overgrowth results from many causes.  People often confuse a coated tongue with candida.  If you're concerned that you have candida overgrowth in your mouth, your best bet would be to have a doctor take a look at it, rather than speculate about it., and get it treated.
I will definitely keep working with the GP doctor
I will also try to have a CD4 count test
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