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Do I have HIV?

I had unprotected anal sex with a guy I met online. A day after the anal sex, my anus hurt (probably because it was my first time) even though we used lube. He did not ejaculate inside me as well but yes, I know about pre-ejaculation. Now, a month later (right now), I recently had a rash together with a very short flu and bronchitis (i already checked with my pulmonologist and confirmed that it is bronchitis, and by the way, i am asthmatic as well). Now about the rash, it only lasted for a day and I think it was just as allergic reaction since I did not notice the rash during the day and only noticed it after i had a couple of beers with my friends at night and the rash disappeared the next morning after taking an anti-allergy pill before bed. As for the flu (together with the loss of apetite and night sweats), this only lasted for a few hours because after a good nights' rest, the flu had disappeared the next day but eventually the phlegm in my throat eventually became bronchitis. Now, I know that the only way to make sure if I am infected or not is to get myself tested (which I am planning to do soon) but I just want to know if these are legitimate reasons to freak out. Im only 20 years old by the way and currently in college.
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You had a risky exposure. You can get a baseline test now (4 weeks). You can't diagnose HIV by symptoms, only by testing. Try to obtain a 4th generation Duo test.
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but the viral load probably wasn't that significant since he did not ejaculate inside of me...
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You still had a risk. Take a DUO test at 28 days
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