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Do I have HIV?

Okay, so on December 28th, 2015, i engaged in insertive anal sex (circumcised), and I asked the person before we had sex was he clean and of course he replied yes. Even though he said he was clean, you never know how much you can truly trust a person. I knew him decently, but I'm not sure if it was well enough for him to be 100% honest. Anyways, during sex, I asked multiple times if he felt anything tear or blood, and he replied back "no". Later on that night, I asked him again did he have anything or felt any rips or tares and he said no again. I then left it alone at that point. On January 15th, I went to the hospital for an extreme headache (the headaches did not accompany any other HIV-related symptoms). I had started to become worried if I had became infected, but I did not mention that to the nurse that I had a risky exposure, so they never took that into consideration. I was released and the symptoms went away. Like a week later, I started to get a slight scratchy throat, which today turned into a strept throat feeling slightly. It's not terrible whatsoever, but it's definitely present. Along with this, I had a slight headache and body aches. Me being a nervous wreck and a hypochondriac to an extreme, I went to a primary care physician, and they tested me for strept throat, which came back negative. They asked questions about my general health, but none related to sexual health, so I did not volunteer any information about my risky encounter. She told me it sounds like a viral infection similar to a common cold, but I sat there thinking completely otherwise. Even though my symptoms were  headache, body ache, slight fatigue, sore throat and an unnoticeably enlarged lymph node (doctor said), I really feel like I've been exposed to the virus. I did not have any fever or rash. Again, me being being the nervous wreck I am, I called CDC and asked about early HIV warning signs; they listed symptoms like nausea, vomitting, extreme tiredness for no reason, rash, depression, etc. None of these were close to my symptoms for the most part, so now I don't know what or what to believe. I'm too paranoid to take an HIV test because I'm deathly afraid it'll come back positive. When I take cold medicine, the symptoms go away for a while, but come back a few hours later. Does that happen if HIV is present? Also, I heard the symptoms relative to HIV have been described as "the worst flu ever". To what degree of my symptoms should I start to worry? I'm really scared about this, and if I do have it, I can't tell my parents because I'm not openly gay. Therefore, unless there's another way for me to pay for medication, I'll just let it take its course and hope for the best. Can I please get some advice on this. Can someone tell me if they think I do or don't have HIV?
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If your penetration was unprotected, an antibody test at 3 months would be conclusive.

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Is it more likely for the  insertive or receptive partner to catch the virus?
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Many people including myself had experienced symptoms, some of which were uncommon to ourselves to end up negative.
That's why you can not go by symptoms.
You are around 28 days into this.
Take a 4th generation test at 28 days post sex and it will be virtually conclusive. Don't be afraid, it is something you need to do.
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But like I'm experiencing every single symptom except one. I'm convinced it can't be anything except this.
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Well, go test now.  You can take a DUO test now and get your result.  Symptoms don't tell you anything about your status.  Most symptoms due to HIV infection are also symptoms of many minor, temporary illnesses.  No one here can evaluate your status based on symptoms, and you're making yourself a nervous wreck by not testing ASAP.
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I am a nervous wreck, but mono and strep are ruled out. What else could it be besides this?
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Also, if the person I had sex with doesn't have HIV or they didn't bleed, is there still a risk?
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We aren't doctors and we can't diagnose you.  No one can diagnose you over the internet.  If you posed this same question to a doctor, they would tell you exactly the same thing we're all telling you - no way to rule out (or in) HIV without a test.  There are way too many other illnesses that you could have to list them.  It's cold and flu season as well.

There isn't another word of advice that anyone can give you apart from "go test."  Nothing.  And of course if the other person doesn't have HIV, they cannot possibly give it to you.  

When you have unprotected sex with anyone whose HIV status is unknown to you, there is a risk.  Go test.
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Hiv doesn't just appear when two sets of fluids mix. If that was the case we would all be in trouble
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In your previous post "July 26 2015" you seemed to have some confusion over the DUO, however if you do manage to get one, test no later than 28, so, today (30 days) would still be ok. But, if more time passes you can also get a good indication with a rapid test, that you said are easy to access for you, at 6 weeks.

Whichever one you choose, follow up at 3 months post exposure with another antibody test for a conclusive result ((another rapid test at 3 months will also be fine)).

Try to use protection in the future, and save yourself the worry.
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