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Do I have HIV

First sorry for my bad English.I m from India .1 year ago i had protected sex with a prostitute.I visited her continuously for 3 days.In those 3 days we did sex 8 times and every time i used condom.During sex my knee wounded because the bed of that sex worker was too rough and i was doing sex in missionary position.On the 3rd day we did sex once in doggy style.in that position when i insert penis with condom on , a type of sound came twice from her vagina.That sound is like a fart sound .I dont know why that sound came.After i finished i asked her if condom broke during sex.she said no.I asked her because that room is too dark and i was not able to saw the condom when i removed it.Not only this time always that room is dark.So i never Saw in which condition the condom was when i removed it every time.I never knew it was intact or broke.After six month of this incident i had fever ,swollen Lymph nodes in neck and armpit, tiredness, sore throat with heavy phlegm.Fever went away with in 3 to 4 days but the other symptoms never went away. 2.5 years passed away from that day but i still have swollen lymph nodes,weakness and sore throat with heavy phlegm.

Due to i used condom every time with that prostitute i never got tested for HIV.What are the chances to get HIV from that all situation i wrote above.please help.
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You weren't at risk for HIV transmission. Usage of condom is sufficient to protect against HIV transmission.

It seems you are just paranoid about this sexual arrangement that you had, that noise from vagina is called queef, it has nothing to do with condom failure.

Your symptoms are unspecific to the timelines of HIV ARS, if you are somehow worried about condom failure, just get any HIV anybody test, at this point you will get a definitive result.
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HIV antibody test*
Thanks for responding
I have two question

1=if condom break there is a  chance that some one does not realise it.

2= hiv symptomps can devlope after six month of exposere and does not go and last for many years.

1. No, condom breakages can't go unnoticed, if it breaks you will absolutely know it since the whole thing rips apart.

2. Irrelevant question, you need not worry about this since you were never at risk.
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If the condom broke, you'd know. They are very noticeable.  They rip wide open and usually are in tatters. Pin holes and little tears don't happen in real life. So, if you didn't notice a broken condom, there wasn't one. And doctors do not diagnose HIV from symptoms. Only tests. Because the symptoms people associate with HIV are all easily attributable to other things unless someone is anxious and then they want to make every association to HIV.  Don't go down that path. You didn't have a risk.
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Thank u for ur reply
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If the room is very dark...and you are unable to see the status of your condom at the time of removing it ....then there is a chance to unnotice the condom failure??
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Stop obsessing. You would have known if your condom was broken. It didn't that's why you have to guess now.

See a therapist, if you are unable to think rationally.
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