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Do I have hiv????

I had sex with a person that’s (understandable).he didn’t tell me I had to find out from his child mother if I didn’t find out through her I wouldn’t of known but any way me and him went to the emergency room to get tested both of our test came back negative oh yeah he end up telling me that he was hiv positive but he said he was undetectable  but back to the emergency room situation out test came back negative is that even possible for someone that’s hiv positive?.i cut him off the following month I had a swollen lymph node and a fever sore throat sneezing no rash then on another day I went to the doctor I had a low grade fever I didn’t even know I had a fever I took a hiv test at my appointment and it came back negative yesterday I started sneezing no sore throat fever 100 at first the 99 no swollen lymph node before all of this happened I was 154 pounds now I’m 144 pound smh I have hsv 2 this my exposure was around July 1st 2018 now it’s august 26 2018 my last test was July 30th and that came back negative
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That story is hard to understand since you didn't use sentences.
I think you last had unprotected on July 1. Was it vaginal, oral or anal?
You tested July 3o, but was it called a duo (also known as a 4th generation test)? A duo is conclusive after 4 weeks, but other tests are not conclusive until 12 weeks so I need to know what kind was used.
I had vaginal and oral with out a condom.the person I had sex with didn’t tell me he had hiv.i had to find out through his child mother.then he toned me and he said he was undetectable .me and him both went to the emergency room and got tested his test came back negative I don’t know how that happened my test came back negative as well .my exposure was June 1st .i got tested June 22 nd then I got tested July 30th it came back negative.then I got tested August 24th I went to the emergency room last night cause I had a little fever and my tonsils is swollen they told me that when I took the test On August 24th which was three days ago it came back negative.
The test I took was a 4th generation test
A 4 gen is conclusive after 4 weeks so you are safe, therefore you only needed to test once. Further testing will be abnormal because you should move on from HIV instead.
You interact with others who cough on your lips and door knobs, so fevers are to be expected at any time by the billions of negative people like you who get them every year.
Thank you so much Im so scared cause online they said to get tested 3 months after exposure as well to  confirm.one more question.so if he is hiv positive but is understandable why did his hiv test come back negative is it bacause he’s taking his medication?
His medication could reduce his viral load. all tests except 4th gen have a 3 month window so if he got infected in May and tested on July without using a 4th gen then it might not show positive either.
  Some sites are overly conservative and use outdated guidelines like 3 months, however we rely on the opinion of expert doctors who state that 4 weeks is conclusive.
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