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Do I have hiv

It's been 30 days I had a protected sex with a sex worker we had a vaginal intercourse she. Did oral sex with Condom on I did not know about her status but I say the Condom was intact and the whole sperm was collected at tip of penis I am just worry about if there were any holes in the Condom moreover I have no fever but I got sore throat for 1 month and cough with phelgm for 7 days
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Oral sex is not a risk for HIV. Also, protected vaginal / anal intercourse is safe.  

Nothing that you mentioned puts you at a risk for HIV contraction and warrants HIV testing. The possibility of your sexual partner being HIV positive is one big assumption.

You don't have an HIV concern.
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Sir I when I ejaculates and lay down I can only see on side of my penis and there were no tear on it and no leakage of sperm but I am not sure of other side if there is any tearing on it and she also uses some oil to lubricate her vagina for 1 time
And when I ask her she says that you should do this things if urr scared and blocked my number
but she never do sex without condom with anyone
You are being irrational, there can't be tears or holes in condom, if it breaks it is known,  you don't have to guess a condom breakage this is a total no-risk incident and you can't force any one to take a test, most importantly you can't bug ladies, you always need to amuse them. She blocked you because she feels you are overreacting, as a sex worker she knows about HIV and it's transmission, it is important for her own saftey.  She must have tried helping you couple of times but your incessant behaviour got you blocked.

Please see a professional if you are unable to think rationally, we can't offer therapy from here for your irrational fears.  You will need someone to help you one on one.
Thankyou sir
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