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Do I have symptoms?

I posted here couple of times and I may sound annoying :)

I feel water in my left year and I am worried about HIV.

My condom broke by a little bit during vaginal sex with a sex worker. Sex was 20 days ago.

I have sore throat but the thing is, I've had it very frequently. I remember the day after contact, I checked my throat and it hurt a little when swallowing. Since that day I didn't notice it because I didn't pay attention to it.

I've had an exact same redness and feeling in throat in the beginning of May too. I may have the same issue but I did not notice it because it didn't worry me.

It's not painful. Sometimes, when swallowing, it hurts a little but only when I'm paying attention.

I take cold showers every night and water may have gotten in too. I am just panicking over HIV symptoms. Can't blame it on swimming, because I swam 2 days BEFORE contact and noticed sore throat on 14th day when I anxiously started checking symptoms.

I also do deep breathing(Wim Hof breathing) - I breathe in through nose and breathe out through mouth(if it is connected with redness in throat).  I also exercise every night and breathe through the mouth during the exercise.

- I checked and had little pain in throat when swallowing day after sex. Don't know whether it went away or not.
- Started to check for symptoms on the 14th day and I had this kind of throat.
- I have little redness in throat and it doesn't hurt in general. Also doesn't hurt when drinking or eating.
- In May, I had the same throat(I was stressed that time too). Didn't pay attention to and it may have been the same since then.
- I frequently had same feeling in throat when waking up in the morning too.
- Last night, I felt water in my ear. Not much, just bothering me. I still have that feeling. I had cold shower that night.

Are these related to HIV? I will probably get PCR test in couple of days and HIV Combi test on 28th day.

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I know you are anxious.  There is nothing to indicate you have HIV until you test regardless of ANY symptoms you have.HIV is never diagnosed by symptoms as every one of your symptoms could be because of other things. You have to distract yourself and try not to analyze every little thing in your body.  When day 28 gets here, test.  I'll remind you of the statistic that would indicate that you almost most certainly did not contract HIV. LESS THAN 1 percent transmission with a single episode.  So, over a 99 percent chance you didn't.  Stay focused on that and find some things to keep you busy between now and day 28.
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I'm trying to focus. I almost got better of my anxiety when this ear thing happened. It doesn't bother me unless I start thinking about it.
One more thing. I planning PCR test in couple of days - on 21st day probably. Is PCR accurate on that period of time
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One more thing, I consumed alcohol on every weekend and before sexual contact I had alcohol for 1 week straight. Could that contribute to throat problem?
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