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Do I have to take the pills for HIV PEP at the exact same time everyday?

I began taking truvada and isentress 65 hours after my potential exposure to HIV and I have taken them for 4 days. But I did not take them at the exact same time everyday. But I am sure I was never late or early by more than 1 hour. Will the effectiveness get affected by this? And is 65 hours too late for PEP? How likely will PEP fail in my case???
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Once a day pills are to be taken once daily..........in other words, once in a 24 hour period. Meds prescribed for twice daily dosing should be taken between 8-12 hours after the first dose. But if you take it  six hours or 14 hours after your last dose, the drugs efficacy will NOT be affected.Contrary to a once-popular belief, you don't need a stopwatch to correctly take the medication. It's generally good to aim for the same time of day (ie., morning, afternoon or evening), just to increase the likelihood of adherence. Since some of the PEP meds can cause nausea/upset stomach, taking your meds with a meal is often helpful as it also helps with the adherence factor.
We at MedHelp can not tell you to change ANYTHING about your meds, so a discussion with your doctor is strongly recommended here.
The earlier one begins PEP, the higher the chances of it's effectiveness in preventing HIV, but being within the 72 hour window still gives you a good fighting chance. There is no way to give you a success/failure rate for PEP. PEP NEVER comes with a guarantee. We wish you the very best outcome.    
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And truvada says take 1 tablet daily with breakfast. But my first day taking it was around 12 pm and so was the following days. Is there any specific reason about taking it with breakfast? Or taking it daily with lunch would also be fine?
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Your pharmacist or the clinic would be the person that I would ask.
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