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Do I need PEP after insertive anal sex with TS sex worker?

Hi, I just had protected anal sex (I was insertive partner) with tranny sex worker. I wore a condom the whole time, BUT I noticed I have a light red rash/sore on my penis shaft that may not have been covered by the condom the whole time. It's not bleeding (looks more like a friction rash), but I'm worried if the worker is positive, perhaps HIV could pass through this red/sore area on the penis shaft. Please help! Should I get PEP to be safe since I don't know the status of this sex worker?
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Only the head needs protection (otherwise condoms would be a waste of time) so you are fine. Enjoy your life and definitely stay away from PEP.
Thanks! I just figure that in case this rash is herpes or HPV related, does that increase risk if this "opening" wasn't covered while inserted? Appreciate your time and expertise :)
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Reread the advice about "only the head". hiv prevention is straightforward so no need to come up with what-ifs.
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You would both need a deep gaping wound so deep that it would be excruciating for either of you to rub the others wound in order for even a theoretical risk, and if your penis had a wound that was 1/4 of that depth there wouldn't be anything left of it.
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