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Do I need Pep?

We had unprotected anal sex with a man I met online. first he was rubbing my anus, then suddenly he tried to insert his penis into my anus with all his strength, it took 10 seconds at most. I pulled back my anus when I forced it, then he tried to insert his penis into my anus with all his strength, he forced it twice and both of them were in five seconds. 10 seconds total. It was as if he wanted to do it especially, but I was very hurt, it did not penetrate fully, he did not enter all the way, he could not enter anyway because he tried to enter by force. Maybe 5-10mm in. Do I need Pep?
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So, it sounds like you were penetrated, yes?  That's a risk. But note, hardly a risk.  A few seconds of a penis in the anus unprotected is almost no risk.  Your odds of full anal unprotected anal sex is less than 1 percent.  This is not worthy of taking PEP which is reserved for actual anal sex with someone KNOWN to have HIV.  I'd wait until 28 days post event and test with a 4th generation DUO test and expect it to be negative.
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it didn't fully penetrate, he just forced his head and didn't, but he may have entered very little. Isn't it guaranteed to use pep if there is a risk? I talked to him and he is a person who has had many unprotected relationships. You mentioned that you have to go all the way to be a risk in an answer, I think my risk cannot be ignored.
No, you do not need pep.  NOW it sounds like penetration may or may not have even happened.  If you had full on unprotected anal sex, you had less than 1 percent risk.  You didn't.  And maybe you weren't even penetrated. Pushing a penis head against you firmly is NOT penetration  ANY doctor that would give you pep for this is acting irresponsibly. PEP comes with major side effects as it is a fairly toxic medication.  Your 'risk' is not being ignored but you are blowing it out of proportion because IF he penetrated you at all (and that's a question mark and we do not need any more discussion on that as I get it, you think he did so we'll go with that) then you had less than 1 percent chance of risk. Pushing it in just for a second or two is less than less than 1 percent.  No to pep.  take care
thanks i guess i won't think about pep but i was surprised that my risk had the same risk as full anal unprotected. forced the head of the penis for a maximum of 10 seconds at most twice, but penetration did not occur until the end. I felt it hurt, so I'm worried. Still, it would be beneficial for me to go to the doctor.
No one here told you that your event had the same risk as full unprotected anal. If he penetrated and you had full intercourse, your risk was approximately 0.o6% - meaning a 99.94% of NOT getting HIV.

If he didn't penetrate at all, it is no risk. If he penetrated for a few seconds, that is ASTRONOMICALLY low risk.
understood thanks. It did not penetrate fully, forced 5-10mm, I am not sure if it entered. because it hurt me. I think the number of risks you mentioned is the same as unprotected vaginal sex. because I know unprotected vaginal is 0.04, don't you recommend me to take pep even though it's short?
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i wrote it wrong we had protected anal intercourse only at first the force was unprotected
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Since the unprotected penetration was only 5 seconds, it is unlikely that you could have contracted hiv. It is up to you to determine if PEP is right. He probably doesn't use a condom all the time normally, however you don't know his status. Can you get him to test now?
I talked to him but he says he doesn't have HIV but he says he has multiple unprotected relationships.He says if I had it, they would have too, and refuses to take the test. Is pep guaranteed for me?
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