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Do I need a confirmatory HIV test at 6 months?

Let me explain the whole timeline of my incidents. In September I saw number of lipomas on my body increased rapidly, I become worried about it because they can become cancerous in rare cases and I had a recent death in my family due to cancer. I went to a doctor he suggested nothing to worry about but those are lipomas and sent me back home.

Those days I started noticing lipomas very carefully and some of them seem to increase in size and later decrease. A new on popped up on my jaw line at least that’s what I thought. I went to doctor immediately as this was a new development and explained they seem to grow and shrink and he said that was not lipoma but a swollen lymph node. And he also checked something else on by body and said that was cyst and not lipoma . So by now I have swollen lymph nodes, cysts and lipomas. Again this doctor also sent me home and come back if new symptoms appear. This was October first week.

October 2nd week I got flu shot and tdap vaccine and the same week I also got blood draw for annual blood test. That day I felt very weak and in a couple of days that weakness grew into extreme fatigue I could not go to work just stayed home worried sick about cancer , I again took another doctors appointment. She suggested an X-ray and ultrasound of abdomen because by now I was complaining of abdomen pain, rash on my neck swollen lymph node, weakness, no fever though, joint pains. All scans were normal but ultrasound indicated enlarged liver. I had started taking vitamin b12, vitamin d pills as blood draw had shown slightly low levels of them.

Doctor suggested to wait a week and if it does not improve we will do another blood report and hiv test. Hiv test did not sink in properly until a couple of days. I had not even thought in this direction and doctor had not even done any risk assessment. I started reading about it. And yes to my surprise almost all the symptoms of ARS matched except fever. I did not have any fever , but I had multiple swollen lymph nodes they were decreasing in size, extreme fatigue, skin rash on my neck, joint pains sometimes, heavy stomach, and shortness of breath.

Then I read more about hiv and recalled I had made a very bad judgement and had visited a csw on August 12 and had done protected vaginal intercourse and unprotected oral sex, and rimjob as a receptive to and giver. I had not looked at the condom afterwards if it was broken or not. So I become worried about that a lot. Waited some days of sickness is going away but I developed more symptoms like night sweats. I got worried a lot, I decided to bite the bullet and take the hiv screening which is Elisa and western blot if result is positive on October 5th. It is not full 3 months since the incident but full 12 weeks since the incident. And if I were to set symptoms in timeline I started getting symptoms at 7 weeks with swollen lymph node , I gradually developed every other ars symptoms and at 12 weeks also they have not completely gone away. I still have rash some swollen lymph node and definitely milder fatigue.

Test came back negative at 12 weeks, can I count it on being conclusive and move on  or late symptoms suggest seroconversion is late and I may develop antibodies after 12 weeks and I should get retested again at 24 weeks ?

Very worried about hiv , please help.
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That is an epic story. the summary is you had unprotected oral which is zero risk and protected vag which is zero risk. If a condom fails it is a large rip down the seam and it hangs in tatters so that didn't happen.
Your sickness has nothing to do with HIV since you can't have HIV.
Your test was a waste of time and you need to move on from your HIV fears and theories and stop  studying HIV articles..
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Thank you very much for the reply. It certainly helps moving on. However, I am wondering should I start having sex with my wife or it is better to wait and get tested at 6 and be sure. Because last thing I would want to do is make my wife go through this.
Since you don't have HIV, you might as well test to see if she made you pregnant if you plan to waste your time testing. The last thing you want to do is tell your wife about your illogical paranoia of HIV, so see a mental health therapist instead because that way you can get help to get over it. Your wife will be very hurt if you tell her, and may even develop the same illogical fear that you have, so I wouldn't tell her.
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To answer your question, you are safe to have sex with your wife.  
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