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Do I need another HIV test?

I had protected sex with someone I did not know well. I got sucked with condom on my penis and penetrated with condom for about one minute. About 25 days after the exposure, I did STD test with urine and flood, including hiv test. All came back negative. About 50 days after exposure, I got sore throat and slight fever (98.6 degrees), and coughed for about a week. It seems I got cold, but I am worried about possible hiv infection.
Do I need to do another hiv test?
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98.6 isant a slight fever it’s not even considered a fever at all.
Protected is protected thats what I’ve gathered from the feedback I was given
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Thanks. Big relief here.
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You got a cold like billions of other negative people, so that is a non event.
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Have been paranoid for months. Now I decide to put all this behind. Thank you so much!
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98.6 is literally the normal average temperature for everyone. That's not a fever. You also had no risk from anything you've posted so it's time to realize this is all in your head and move on with your life.
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Checked online. Some people said that hiv can be tested between 18 days and 3 months. I did it after 25 days. I knew it was not conclusive. Anyway will move on from now. Thank you very much!
The first step to peace is to stop googling for death because the more you check, the more scared you will become when you come across some theory that says you are at risk,
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