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Do I need further testing


I have heard great reviews about this site. I just wanted to do a quick check about my issue.

I had a sexual encounter with a CSW in India (southern part of the country). We had oral protected sex. Then we had sex for around 45 minutes in 3 different positions with the same condoms (3 over each other) on.
Now, since that day I have been dreading HIV. I have had flu like symptoms, chills, and bad oral problems (white patches in mouth, smal small spotsadn burning around mouth). I got rapid HIV test at te end of 9 weeks and it was negative.

Though my p**** was not exposed after the intercourse but could the condom have leaked as my p**** was fully dry.

Should I again get tested at end of 12 weeks or there could be some other causes for these problems (though i was in perfect health before this act)

Experts, please help me. The more I read on net, the more feeble i feel.
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Where's the risk?
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Hey Teak

Thanks for the clarification. But just thought that maybe semen leaked and thatsy p**** was dry. And maybe thatsy iam having these symptoms
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you thought wrong.  condoms dont leak.
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Thanks Lizzie for the comment. Is it also possible that there can be small holes that might have occurred during the act that my naked eyes couldn't have noticed but might have risked my exposure
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Thanks Lizzie. I should perhaps relaxe. But the medical problems I am facing are pretty scary to me. I have never had such problems before and their sudden spurt has bewildered me. Added to the above problems, I have also started to feel the urge to pee all the time and stiffness in neck and back. The problem is rarely any oother disease connect all these symptoms and one tends to think about HIV
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you have been assessed at not having a risk.  this forum has nothing left to offer.  if you are having health problems...work with your doctor...it's NOT hiv.

kindly move on...
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