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Do i need re-testing/ are the results conclusive

I am male of 30yrs from India, i did a protected sex with a black girl from Kenya, living in China. The girl says she is negative, but i don't know if she is saying truth or not because later she told me its her business to sleep with people and demand money.

My worry is as follows.

First she gave me oral unprotected on my penis, after we did a vaginal intercourse with a  condom, later when i withdrew the penis from her vagina and the condom was still inside her,  it didn't slipped during intercourse because when i was withdrawing my penis from her vagina, the penis was coming out of the condom itself but condom was held inside her, maybe i was bit soft.[but i haven't reached any climax yet].

After this she again gave me oral and this time she gave a new condom for my penis and we again did the intercourse which was again protected. Now when i reached climax, i thought i had ejaculated inside the condom, so i hold my penis + the condom which was intact and was covering it, to withdrew from her vagina, i saw that there was very less cum inside the condom, so i thought maybe my ejaculation was not high, so i just removed the condom from the penis and flush it. There wasn't any visible tear in the condom. Then i went to bathroom and soaped my penis and cleaned it with water and dried it. But i cannot be sure about any microholes or tear on the condom, stupid enough to not check with water filling.

Here follows my test schedule after my protected exposure:

Triline Rapid Antibody Test HIV1/2 after 40 Days: Negative

Elisa Antibody Test HIV1/2 after 58 Days: Non-Reactive

Triline Rapid Antibody Test HIV1/2after 90 Days: Negative

Rapid Anti-body Test HIV1/2after 135 Days : Negative

I am worried now, is it conclusive ?, are these test genuine/valid representation of my actual status, do i need further testing at 6 months.

Are Rapid tests are as accurate as Elisa Tests?

I am getting paranoid, confused and scared.
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yes. no chance of false negative after window period has elapsed. you never needed western blot as you tested negative on your antibody test. you need to resolve your guilt as it seems to be causing you anxiety. your test at 135 days is sufficient time after the window period. you are conclusively negative. please accept that and move on. take care.
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To add further, is there any chance/possibility of FALSE NEGATIVES in my results?

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Your test at 135 days is more than conclusive. You never had a risk to begin with. Stay safe.
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no chance of false negative.
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Thanks for the prompt reply

So you mean false negatives don't occur after window period has elapsed?

I am scared from the usual "what if's" like the reliability of Rapid vs Elisa, also can I consider rapid test as confirmatory? I am married man, the guilt and the mistake is killing me like anything. Do i need a western blot to get confirmed results?
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Thanx once again Sonia.

I have another doubt in the mind, Do i also need a HCV test due to my exposure?. Is there any chance of Co-infection HIV & HCV/HBV in such scenario.
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HCV is not a concern as it was protected intercourse. HCV is most commonly transmitted through sharing of needles. You can test now for a conclusive HCV result. I expect it to be negative. Coinfection with HCV/HBV does not delay seroconversion of HIV.

Please read Dr HHH reply to a similar question, Here he basically states that HCV is not transmitted sexually and coinfection does not delay seroconversion.


Hope this is helpful. Stay safe.
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Your question is exactly the same except yours was protected intercourse.
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Wow , What a sign of Relief from Dr. HHH's reply.  Thanxz for the helping me  Sonia.
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Glad to be of help. Take care and use condoms always god bless
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This forum is HIV specific. Please post all your non HIV questions in the proper forum.
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Took a HCV, HBV, VDRL, HIV test again on Jun 26 2014, lol All were NON Reactive............
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i think you can move on from this now and stop testing .
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