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Do i show signs and symptoms?

Recently I acquired a cold through allergies at work. Hay fever etc which had the normal symptoms. Blocked nose, sneezing, soar throat, which lasted two days then the “sniffles” for a few days more. My family also suffered the same cold as well as many friends and collegues, due to perhaps the changing of the seasons. Summer to autumn. It was a friend who jokingly suggested that I might have acquired hiv/aids as 6 weeks prior I had protected sex using a condom with a female in a one nightstand.

Ever since then I have suffered a lot of stress and anxiety because of this but also many other factors happening right now, such as other family members sick with cancer, starting university and possible military deployment. Because of this I have started smoking heavily (over a packet a day) and for a while was unable to eat and at times I was sick with diarrhea (after having the feeling of butterflies in my stomach) This was about a 5 on the Bristol Stool Chart. I have seen a doctor who informed me that it could be guilt and stress combined and recommended that I need not to have a blood test however they are organizing one to play down my fears. I have checked myself for any other signs and symptoms like swollen lymph nodes on my neck, armpits and groin and any blemishes but these are normal and there is nothing else that seems out of the ordinary. I am now eaten normally except for the fact I am drinking over 1.5l of soft drink a day and the diarrhea has gone but I still feel those butterflies when I am stressed.

My fears, stress and anxiety soon went out of control (breathing heavily) after I developed a white coating on my tongue. It was very similar to hairy tongue, looking like a small fur ball like carpet on my tongue. It was very minute but noticeable, likes small hairs on my tongue. This was not present on either the side of my tongue or any other lining in my mouth as these were normal. From this it has been 7 weeks since I had the one nightstand. For my tongue though I was never the one to clean my teeth, on average once a day and never even thinking about my tongue, I have noticed this before but due to the implications I was starting to panic. However after brushing my teeth and cleaning my tongue 3 times a day this has resided to just the rear of my tongue and a very slight coating on the surface but however still appears in the morning and throughout the day occasionally. I have asked friends and family and many share the same problems, with a similar coating. I am still smoking heavily due to the stress and I have now developed a small white looking lump/rock on my right tonsil similar to tonsilloliths. I have had this before in the past, the feeling of something stuck in my throat and trying to cough it up. I am going to see a doctor about this very soon as my mum thinks it could be tonsillitis. After discovering this I have started to panic and increased smoking even more (I know I shouldn’t!!)

I went and saw my local GP and told him all he needs to know. He says that I don’t have oral thrush etc and that the white tongue is normal and that every second person he has seen has had a cold and that I should stop worrying.
I also just went to a sex clinic (week 8) and got a blood test, gotta wait a week so im really nervous. Also the tonsil stones disappeared after a few days.
If you could please help me out here as I am losing my mind.
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You had protected sex. MOVE ON.
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what about the white tongue? stress, anxiety, smoking?

i think im losing my mind, but cheers for the reply!
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Symptoms mean nothing where hiv is concerned.  You can have some, none, or all of the symptoms usually associated with primary hiv infection and be positive or negative.

The thing to focus on is any activities that may have put you at risk for hiv infection.  

You had protected sex and, as such, were never at risk for hiv infection.  Properly used, condoms provide excellent protection against hiv infection.

No risk in what you describe
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