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I posted earlier with my second exposure at a massage parlour. The incident involved the lady touching my penis after rubbing her vagina. There was no other sexual contact involved.I understand that this is a almost zero risk situatuation. But, if I need confirmation will it be ok if I take a PCR test at 28 days. Also, which PCR test is good(DNA/RNA).

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Waste of money if you ask me but I think you'll probably do it regardless of what people say. Anyway, If you result came back negative from the first incident...then you are negative. Whatever happened to you after that means nothing.
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Yes my three moyh results after my protected encounter(first incident) was negative. Everybody is saying my second incident is no risk.No I will not test if I am at no risk.

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Then if everyone is saying it is no risk, why are you asking about the PCR test? I guess we're all paranoid...myself included.
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Dude, you definitely did not have a risk. My advice remains the same, seek counselling for your unwarranted fears.  You are HIV negative because you never, ever had a risk. Please don't get a PCR test, spend the money instead on therapy which is far, far more urgent and useful, and in the meantime, stay away from massage parlours. Not because you will ever place yourself at risk, but because you can't handle it.
I'm not being critical, but sex is supposed to be fun. You are worrying over nothing, I promise you:)
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my doctor said the viral load tests are good after 72 hrs of exposure as the graph of load start going higher......but in rare cases it take 28 days. after 28 days its conclusive.
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Thanks a ton. I am really moved by your concern towards me. I saw a councellor day before. and will be going again in couple of weeks. I just want to put an end.
There are many good things coming up for me soon I want to enjoy them so, want to be sure of everything.

Dobber, I am in no position to advice you but want to tell you that you have tested enough and you have every right noe to enjoy every bit of your life. I wish & pray that you will get back to normal real quick.

Thanks again.
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Your words are much appreciated. Thank you for your concern. I think the difference between you and me would be that you don't realise how irrational you're being. Counselling will help you with that.

I'm here if and when you need me. But the sooner you learn that you didn't ever have a risk, the better.

Keep up the therapy, it will work, I promise you:)
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