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On November 22, I had protected vaginal intercourse and unprotected oral sex with a female sex worker, as well as kissing. About 6 days later I developed a low grade fever, sore throat and fatigue. Typical panic ensued, went to the doctor, got all the tests, all came back negative excpet the Igm for HSV. All symptoms subsided until about a week later when the sore throat returned. Went back to the doctor, she wanted to test for strep and syphyllis, both negative, and redid the HSV test, which also came back negative (HSV igM 0.65, HSV 1&2 IgG screen 0.32). Gave me antibiotics for the throat, and they worked. Took the Home Access Express elisa test 44 days after exposure, negative. Now, 7 weeks after exposure my fever and sore throat are back. My fever has never been more than 99.6. I've checked the boards and read similar posts, but obviously, I can't stop obsessing. Would it benefit me to get a PCR test? There's no way I can just wait 5 more weeks to take another antibody test.
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You didn't have a risk and didn't need the first test let alonge any other testing.  

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