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Doctor, can you either help, reassure, calm, or...

Okay, Nov. 25 I performed fellatio without completion. The minute I left his place, I felt sick. Since then, my neck nodes have been either sore or tender, with my throat being irritated. This pain radiates up and down the sides of my face. I first thought it might be sinus drainage, but the pain is still with me (Today is Dec. 10). Recently (last few days) I have had pain in my jaw muscles, but throat pain had subsided. No fever (slightly elevated), rash, or diarrhea ever within the past two weeks. I have been getting single 'hive' on various parts of my body though, with a white coated tongue as well as chills in the days and night sweats. Also, I can feel a tad sore in an armpit for a few minutes or groin for the same amount of time.

Monday (Dec 8, week&6 days post exposure) i had an EIA HIV test which was negative.

Can you speculate what my jaw/node pain can be? Can I rest easy with the results of my EIA? When I go to the ER (I doubt there are STD clinics in my area) what should I tell them to look at?

I need your advice... my jaw is killing me.

P.S. where actually are nodes in my neck? the bulk of pain i feel is directly inside my jaw line at the back of my face (under wisdom teeth area)
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also, i have been having testicular 'uncomfort' 3-4 out of a 1-10 scale, and the back of my neck has been sore
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Ok... First... Stop paniking....  second.... If there was not body fluids passed to your mouth, do not worried about it.  I think your over stressing yourself.  Wait 3 months and get tested, thats it.  Do not Stress yourself and enjoy the hollidays
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There are no doctors on this forum. Same thing you stated here.
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