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Does HIV Virus Revive Within Fresh Blood??

I know that, the HIV virus(or infected blood) become inactive when it is outside the body.As the virus is outside of its host,rendering it inactive and no transmission.
But  the virus which has been exposed to air and become inactive,contact the fresh blood inside other's body.Does the virus revive again?Become active again?Making the new guy infected??

I am sorry for this question,but i am really anxious! Because my Vein(left arm) was hurt by a solid needle maybe with positive blood !  Please help me,please.
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Can you explain more.
What kind of needle and how ?
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Thank you for reply me! A solid needle prick my vein through my arm skin,it is  an accident.And the solid needle with some blood(assume contaminated by positive blood).The blood looks like dry(maybe a litte bit wet,i am not sure).Can virus which has been inactive become active again?? I mean that,the inactive virus contact my fresh blood in my vein.revive????
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Not hollow needle,it is a solid needle.
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No risk
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Are you a healthcare worker ???

Where did this happen ?
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Yes ,i work in hospital.I am worry about the inactive HIV virus became active again inside my body.Can virus revive??rebirth??
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No it can't become active again. Lancets and solid needles cannot sustain the virus like syringe needles.
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Thank you very very much,so kind of you.God bless you,my friend.
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