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Does Pep extend prior window Period.?Interesting One

My new partner tested negative after 52 days using the hiv duo combo test after a 2 seconds condom break with his hiv positive  Ex,He was denied Pep. .On day 53 he had another potential exposure on this one a condom slip during a random hook.On this one  he insisted  on Pep .On finishing pep on day 30 of second exposure  he tested negative with a duo combo test .He is waiting to start counting to 12 weeks again.

The questions are

1.Since he started Pep before he got to his 12 weeks for confirmation for the first exposure .Does it mean the window period starts again for his first exposure.The One he had got a negative test at week 7.Or he adds 52 +30 =82 and settles for the first exposure having been negative and this new counter is for the second exposure ?

I ask because i would like to believe if the first encounter had led to hiv by the time he finished his round of Pep by now would he would  test positive since Pep was initiated for a second exposure too late for the first One.?

I am sure a lot of people have had occasions were condoms have failed them after taking all necessary precautions.

2. How does One handle the Window period counter when one takes Pep for a new risk having been in waiting over the last risk.?

3..Why  is it most people who undergo Pep rarely give feedback personally on whether it worked or Not.Or if there is a link of testimonies of people who have used Pep can someone give a link ..

I would like to know when it wil be okay to start having relations with him .

Thank you in Advance to whoever will be able to adequately answer this mind blogging One.

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A duo only has a 4 week window so the first time exposure was safe. 12 weeks is a very outdated guideline but some docs still use it for no valid reason.
You have to wait 4 weeks past the last PEP before you can test with a duo for risk #2.
An anecdotal account of someone else's experience does not have anything to do with another person't situation. Getting HIV is a matter of bad luck and is not predictable except from the test result so the only thing to do is try to relax until the test can be done.
How much of a "condom slip"? Only the head needs protection, so if the urethra was protected that was not a risk.
Thank you .

Only head was covered at withdrawal ...so foreskin might have been exposed ..Whats the new window period for the first exposure
So A NEGATIVE TEST  (DUO COMBO )test at day 30 post exposure ...28 days on Pep is useless to Go By....
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This question is extremely confusing given in your other post, you were the one who experienced a condom slip and were on PEP, and now it's your partner who is also male, and he experienced a condom slip around the same time and also took PEP?  

1) Test can be taken 30 days after finishing PEP - whenever the last course of PEP was taken, regardless of when the exposure was.
2)  No idea.  Talk to a counselor about managing stress.
3) I'm not able to explain the behavior of the entire population of people who have taken PEP.  Statistics don't lie, and PEP is highly effective.
Thank you

The honest truth is its Me..I was just did not want to appear like a burden to other members  Because sometimes when one has lots of anxiety they tend to want to know a lot at the same time without becoming a Nuisance.

Thank you for your reply ..

Its just that i have never gone through such depression and anxiety and the Pills were no picnic as Teak always advises. I am learning the hard way please bear with Me.

So all of a sudden i am finding myself evaluating all risks.i always use protection i dont know why and how its failing of late .
OK.  Best to be honest with us because this story, when coupled with your previous story, makes it confusing as hell.  Also, when it looks like you're not telling the truth, people aren't all that eager to answer.

Take a test a month after you finished your last dose of PEP and be done with this.
Thank you for being so forth coming and tolerant i respect that .

The story is the same and true  .I did have a condom slip and the advice and support i got from this forum and to my inbox  has been well received and commended.It is just that i got confused when i was reading all the posts on testing on 12 weeks and foreskin exposure that my anxiety started again and i was afraid that if i posted again following up on my last post no-one would read it completely and be able to answer me since my last query had been attended to .

Prior to my recent condom slip it had been 52 days since last exposure were the doctor had refused to give me Pep citing that if i immediately withdrew and and it was 2 seconds there was no need for Pep since the meds had side effects .On this exposure i insisted because i was not sure whether condom had slipped during withdrawal or during sex all i know is that the head and uretha were the only ones covered when i withdrew .

That is my whole story .

I commend you for this service that you are offering to millions out there and to even Us who are in third world countries.
It enters the urethra so you have taken Pep for no reason. Chima told you that.
You need to discuss this anxiety issue with your doc or a therapist so that you don't subject yourself to PEP drugs again just because of fear. You have valid reason to fear PEP, and it seems no reason to fear HIV.
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