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Does a stuffy nose, nasal congestion,yellow phlegm,early sign of hiv(ars)?

i was cooking my food for last one week. every time i spices and tomato paste to my frying pan, the fumes from the pan got into my nose and made me sneeze a lt and also tears from the eyes. this happened till one week.the same, every time i add spices and tomato paste in the onions i would get very bad sneezing.but from Tuesday morning i started getting really stuffy nose and runny nose and little bit sneezing. it continued the whole day.from Friday i also started feeling somewhat fatigue and weakness and i thought that my temperature has raised a little bit. but on thermometer it showed normal(37 c) generally my normal temperature is 36. this stuffy nose,nasal congestion,weakness and feeling little high temperature continued till Thursday and now i am getting out the yellow phlegm from my nose every time, the phlegm s thick and yellow and the weakness and feeling feverish is gone,so i thin i am recovering from this whole situation.i think that these all occurred due to a constant exposure to the cooking fumes while cooking for one week which made me sneeze and watery eyes every time i added spices and tomato paste(by the way i have cooing the same food from one last wee and adding the same ingredients). i thin it may be an allergy to these fumes or something. or may be a cold. but i did not had any other symptoms lie sore throat, cough,etc. or i also think it might be a cold.
my query is, i had protected sex with a girl two wees ago and after 11 days i started getting these symptoms, so i am confused are theses symptoms due to acute hiv infection or my exposure to cooing fumes for one week or a cold. i am feared are these symptoms due to acute hiv(ars).is stuffy nose,runny nose,nasal congestion,fatigue,feeling feverish and getting yellow phlegm after 3 days of these symptoms indicative for acute hiv? please advise what it could be??cooking fumes,cold,acute hiv??what??expert's advice needed,,please
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You've never had an HIV concern.
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but is the yellow mucus,nasal congestion and other symptoms which i experienced indicate ars???
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No and if you've never had an exposure you won't be having ARS.
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i had exposure,,,deep lip kissing with granular pharyngitis....i have granular pharyngitis from last 1 year and i dont know if the girl may have blood in her mouth,,,but by chace if she has mouth full with hiv blood and if i swallowed taht blood with granualar pharyngitis in my mouth,,,what are my chances??
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You never had an exposure. PERIOD.
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Roughly six weeks ago, I had protected sex from a partner I did not know well. In two weeks, I have had a headache. That has gone, but I still have a blocked nose. It has been a month now. I have taken several Oral swab test they have came back negative.  That being said, what are the chances I have HIV. tHE ENCOUNTER HAS lasted 30 sec or protected sex.  What are the chances I have HIV
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