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Does any of this sound like ars?

----week of exposure.
Weekend of exposure testicles hurting a little.
Third day headaches.
5th day burning urination, penis tip looked red, part of penis head looked red (possible site of inoculation of HIV.
6/7 day fever seemed to want to kick in.
7th day nodes jerking and pulsating over body ( groin, neck, arm pit, collar)
----first week after exposure
Fever unsure of temperature
A couple of night sweats
Dry throat with lump in back ( is this ars sore throat?) mine did not hurt.
Lack of appetite
Nodes pulsating in groin ( Unsure of swollen nodes)
Arm pit hurt, rib cage as well
Can't say I was fatigued but sad
Diareah after I ate some food after I did not eat for a couple of days, food came out instantly (liquid)
-----second week after exposure
My nodes in cheeks swelled, under jaw, felt lump by arm pit, arm pit pinkish sign of lymph, ( unknown any other place)
I stopped taking my temp because I realized I was not putting thermometer all the way to back, but I don't suspect a high fever,
I stopped taking showers, and hence did not look for a rash, I did felt a tingling sensation up spine and across back and head (kind of electric)
I was told I had a white round bump in back
----- third week after exposure
Nodes by cheek (poritid) kept inflating on and off (sometimes I would loose sound)
Throat was a little red and gums a little irritated
-----fourth week after exposure same as three but subsiding
-----fifth week after exposure
Big Bump in penis head, I tried to clean and stretch it. And it went away within a week. But I think it an STD. It went away because I stretched and cleaned it. Came back a week later and left with a day.
---6/7 weeks post
Rash on back, I was told it was round white and like a bump. Unknown any other type of rash on back.
On genitals I saw flat circle/oval almost skin color slight raised rash. On penis head it was oval shaped bumps. They left quickly. Within a week.
On hands, it looked like I got a rash, bump saw other peoples hands Like that, slightly dry and flaking.
My penis looks like it has flat rash marks (residual HIV affect?)
Some times a crack my neck and back.
Sometimes my neck feels swollen ( I heard HIV has residual affects)
My leg and foot sometimes twitches.

I am worried about the first three weeks the rest could be residual damage.
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You Had NO RISK of getting HIV so your symptoms have NOTHING to do with ARS

Hope this helps
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On the first week and second week after exposure I felt sore ness in left arm pit /rib cage and a little on my back.
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I was given oral with a condom by a hooker,, but fluids would be in condoms and I touched myself after words while penis was irritated with fluids from her. Further I believe I came in contact with a chanchre sore. Further she game me deep message while rubbing my back and sitting on me, I had pimples.
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I think fluids were inside the condom. Plus I believe I came in contact with a chancre sore with my penis (perhaps when condom was being rolled down with mouth). I cleaned me penis with alcohol which irritated it but I had touched fresh fluids with right hand. I rubbed deep the inside of urethra (I know stupid with finger that had fluids). The I pressed hard penis that was irritated with thumb that touched condom and who knows what else and pre ssdd penis head hard. That area looked red days later, perhaps site of where HIV went in (besides urethra where it was rubbed inside with fluids. Then I grabbed. Foreskin which was irritated alcohol and covered myself.

When I rubbed urethra fluids went down pipe.

I am also afraid that if she had chancre there was blood and HIV as well. Plus the fact that I touched condom does not help because I then touched myself. Plus if she had chapped lips. The alcohol in penis was wrong. That damaged my skin making transmission easier!!!!!!

So does above sound like ars? I don't think my situation has been studied before! Plus I think I had little red bumps (herpes at time of incident).
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Move along. At no time did you have a risk of contracting HIV.
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God bless teak and Nick. Thank you. Sincerely.
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Sorry, but when I said penis was irritated I was referring to my penis head. I am thinking that part is thin as it is and I put alcohol on it and urethra and for skin that would be dangerous as I touched with fluids based on above description thanks. No more follow ups.
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Sorry, but when I said penis was irritated I was referring to my penis head. I am thinking that part is thin as it is and I put alcohol on it and urethra and for skin that would be dangerous as I touched with fluids based on above description thanks. No more follow ups.

It is just that it felt like I caught a virus. I ended up getting a flu weeks after my symptoms stated above so I know it was different. Now I have cold, but it is gone. So I say above symptoms listed was ars??
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She gave me a deep tissue rub and she sat on my butt. She gave me oral with a condom. But before she put on a condom she seemed to touch herself. I don't know if I had a herpetic out break.

She put the condom with her mouth. I believe she had a chanchre sore in her mouth. She touched the tip and flip the condom, as she was putting it the wrong way. She rolled condom with her mouth. Her, with chanchre, could have touched penis head as it was being rolled down. Fluids from finger when she touched herself were inside condom.

I last a very short, my urethra was open and pointing thorwards the ceiling when she pulled mouth out. Then urethra was open then she continued and I came. Whole incident lasted less than 30 seconds.

She got some Kleenex to pull condom out. I touched condom with left hand. She did pulled and I did not inspect condom. She sat next to me and got up. I accidentally touched some of her fluids she left behind there where fresh.

I grabbed a Kleenex (thin) and put it over my right hand fingers and purée alcohol. I wiped my penis head and foreskin. It irritated my penis head skin. Then I repeated process, but with left thumb that had touched condom I pressed hard on my penis head (with irritated skin) I then with right hand fingers rubbed a half an inch from the back of penis head towards inside of urethra (I know stupid) and deep inside urethra. I know it was deep because I saw tho urethra hole open and fluids go inside.

I am afraid I pressed fluids in me with thumb. Or when I had fluids when I touched bed OR. WHEN I PULLED THEM IN FROM THE BACK OF PENIS HEAD INTO URETHRA I could have been exposed. EITHER WAY FLUIDS WENT INSIDE ME. There was no other sex acts.

I felt the above symptoms I have outlined above in my first post.


I am scared of the rashes I got.

Anyways as I said after of those symptoms, five weeks out, I got a flu you can tell the diff as the flu has mucus. Then I got better and the next wee I got a cold then I seemed to get better then I got the worst flu. The fever in this one was sever. It was much stronger then my initial symptoms in week two or three above. However the fever only lasted about four days, with nightsweats. I don't know what is happening. I was negative before this event for sure. I hope I am still.

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You never had a risk. Move along.
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Ok teak, I will move a long I just want to point out that the symptoms with flu I have been battling lately. Is different than my alleged ars symptoms I had two weeks post incident. I put in chronological order in the first post. It is different and I eventually had a rash. So there was two time to be ars (I know it only comes once).

Since I had testicle pain and burning urination, I got something inside me, so I think I rubbed HIV inside me.

I am sorry, really sorry to bother you. But I know you are knowledgeable. And the guy at CDC told me I had a low risk. But you say low risk. I think you would be more knowledgeable then him.  
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You can't rub HIV inside you and you've been told that several times.
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