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Does anyone know about "South Park" the cartoon??????

I ask cuz I called this phone number and all of a sudden its like some type of message that says a person's name I don't know if it said Randy or Kenny, but then it  says you have a deadly disease. The disease was alcoholism, but it still said deadly disease. THe person then picks up the phone and I ask them what the hell was that? THey said they have some type of South Park message thing on their cell phone. Has anyone heard of this? THis happened a while ago. Actually when I first got on this site, and it still scares the sh#t out of me when I think about it.

I've never seen the show so have no idea what this is about.
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yeah...they prob have a verizon wireless cell phone.  you can get things called "ringback tones" that play instead of the person calling you hearing an actual ring before they pick up.  usually its a song, but apparantly they have show clips too.

why in the world did that scare you???
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it scared me uz it said "you have a deadly disease"
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No one has seen this damn show.
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I have.
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well thanks for answer my question?

If you seen it do you know what I'm talking about in my first post?
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That's from a season 9 episode where Randy Marsh (Stan's dad) was "diagnosed" with alcoholism.

Here's the wikipedia entry on that episode:

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Now thats what I'm talking about. You came through, thanks man for the info.
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I still find it weird that was the message I heard while going through my ARS scare.
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you come across stuff like that all the time but it doesn't register in your head that you heard it.  example:  when I started worrying about HIV/ARS I started seeing commercials all the time for getting HIV tests.  They have been on tv for months, but only now do I actually realize what they are saying.  It's just because you're thinking about it that you actually hear all this stuff
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yeah and then I start to think that somehow this is a "sign".  The mind can play serious tricks on you.
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yeah kinda like the day I starting freaking out about this I heard "live like you were dying" on the radio about a guy who found out he was dying etc.  it's all just a coincedence.  that song plays hundreds of times of a day.  those commercials run all the time.  stop worrying....it only makes it worse.

hope you can stop worrying :)  i know its hard.
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yeah it's really hard.  I try to convince myself that the science of HIV transmission is overwhelmingly in  my favor with respect to oral sex.  But the irrational side still seems to overwhelm.  I'm going to my doc next monday.  Scared as hell about it.
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