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Does herbs intake affect hiv antibody result?

Greeting from me, im an asian woman i've been done my first hiv antibody test in my local hospital. Fortunately, the result is non reactive... But im forget to tell before, that i'm taking herbs medicine Andrographis paniculata tea 2 glasses a day for 3 month before my first test.. And had breakout for 3days. Does that affect my hiv antibody test result?.  Thankyou

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No, there is not any interference in the results because of taking herbs.
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Thankyou for your clear answer..Honestly I've been suffering from hiv anxiety for about a year.Fortunately, i have opportunity and also the courage to do that test.. May i ask you another things to calm my anxiety mind?.. how about if im taking this herb tea with high dosage?
And how about this link https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1978301916300766 it say this herbs are anti viral and also anti hiv? Does that affect the result?
No - your herbs are NOT going to prevent detection of HIV.  The only interference would come from VERY powerful immunosuppressant drugs, such as chemotherapy.  Take the test so that you can move on.
@dragonpulse @curfewx thank you very much for your answer, i'ts help me alot.. So it means i can trust the result right.. I've done my test before i ask this question and the result is non reactive.
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Please answer me. Im looking forward for your answer
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