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Does it sound like HIV..Please advise..


I had unprotected sex a 6 week ago and after 2 weeks i had a sore inside my penis, i took azythromycin - 1gr and  cypro 500mg and the sore is gone in 4-5 days. After another 2 weeks, I visited a STD related doctor and told him the same, he examined me and said I do not have anything. I asked him if he could suggest me for any further tests. He said I am fine, and there is no need and if I still wish to, iI can. I came back but i still feel a little dizzy some times and have a mild pain near my neck, I am getting worried about HIV. Doctor examined me if I have sore throat, swollen lymph nodes near my groin and said I am fine. I did not have any fever yet,no night sweats, no diarrhea, no vomiting, but sometimes after 5 weeks i see 1-2  pink colored rash on my arm or thigh region and still have a mild pain near my throat, doctor said its because of cold weather and prescribed some medicines. Please suggest me if I sound anything like HIV. Do you think the doctor is right that I do not have anything, He is a very famous STD related specialist.

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If you would have used a condom then you wouldn't be here today. Symptoms or lack of will never tell you your status. The only way to know your status is by testing.
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Do you think any of these are signs of HIV, if i had to get tested after 3 months, then I have to wait n take this mental stress til its 12 weeks, so atleast let me know what does it sound like.. The girl is my colleague and I had sex only once..
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If you had unprotected penetrative vaginal or anal sex, you can test 3 months post exposure to obtain a conclusive negative test result.
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