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Does stress cause symptoms mimic an Acute hiv symptoms?

Hi. I am a boy who had unprotected sex on sept 17 2015 and on day 10 after sex encounter started deep tiredness, on day 14 started numb all over my body and itchy inside penis tube with clear discharge ( look like rain water) and itchy around anus, and on day 17 started severe headache and fever, on day 19 started itchy rash on my torso( face, chest, back, shoulder, arm) and blood test on day 19 for HIV came back negative ( also my partner tested for HIV one day before sex and his result came back negative but I don't know about his sex history maybe he has many partners) then afterward sore throat, lower back pain, lower abdominal pain, urine frequently, and small red spot on tongue, and under tongue look like wart and bump on lower lip and on day 28 joint pain What cause these symptom? Can be HIV ? Genital herpes? Warts? Or Stress? I am stressful one or two weeks before these symptoms appear but the stress didn't focus on HIV but on other matter ( study and financial) then one or two weeks after sex encounter I started fear and stress on HIV then everything ( acute HIV symptoms) started to appear in me one u one , sometime it happen altogether like fever and headache and rash something else which mimic acute HIV symptoms. Please advice ! Thanks!
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Stress can play absolute havoc on your body and immune system.
I experienced many symptoms myself while I was waiting for my own outcome, fever, strange rashes, mouth ulcers, night sweats, muscle pains, extreme fatigue, a white tongue and headaches.
Googling symptoms is always a terrible idea as it just makes the stress worse and your body seems to mimic the symptoms and you just convince yourself more that you have contracted the HIV virus.
Once I was confirmed negative the stress went away and so did the symptoms.
I didn't think it was possible at the time for the mind to bring on such strong symptoms.
However If you have symptoms that are really concerning you you should see a doctor as it may be something unrelated to this.

Your partner was tested before you had sex and if she was hiv positive she would have had to have contracted it soon enough for it not to make her tests come back as positive.
It seems unlikely. It's not impossible but it is unlikely and puts the odds in your favour.
You could only really be 100 percent certain she did not have the HIV virus if she had been tested after a sufficient window period had passed without any risk during that period.

The odds of contracting HIV from a single incident of insertive vaginal intercourse are estimated to be about 1 in 2500.

So while the odds are definitely very much in your favour you did have a small risk and should be tested after a sufficient window period has past.
You didn't mention what kind of test was used.
If it was a third generation or better yet a 4th generation Duo that would give you a pretty good indication of what your status should be.

It seems unlikely that your girlfriend should have HIV in the first place and altogether the odds are really in your favour, you should just get tested to rule out the odds.
So stop stressing about it . All it's going to do is mess up your health

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Thanks for your comment. It was not veginal intercourse but it was unprotected anal sex. She told me that she tested three months ago before sex with me and the result was negative but I dun believe her so I insisted her to test again and the result was fine/negative. But the test on day 19 after sex encounter which apply to me was rapid blood test and the result was negative. I went to see three doctors and the answer were that Stress and Anxiety. But that would not make me sleep well and I always think about that and anxious for three months test.
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My question is why everytime I think about the symptoms of HIV like joint pain, sore throat, sore mouth and other symptoms, they happen on me one or two days after that.
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If you think you are going to feel something, you eventually will.
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