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Does this sound like HIV rash.

I made the biggest mistake of my life - unprotected sex with a girl I met in the red light area of Hong Kong,  I then suffered the following skin conditions:

1.  brown spots on face and cheek - lasting for 10 days
2.  brown spots on top of foot - lasting for 3 weeks
3.  sandpaper type rash on arms - lasting for 2 months
4. red spots on chest, some with white heads on end some not - lasted for 2 weeks

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See your dermatologist.
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thanks but can you please advise if it sounds like hiv - i am going out of my mind
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No one here can diagnose your symptoms. An HIV (ARS) related rash would be very obvious . It would cover your trunk, arms, face etc.  It may or may NOT itch. If someone were infected, it would happen 1-3 weeks after exposure to HIV. It would come on suddenly and leave suddenly after 1-2 weeks. What you describe has NOTHING to do with HIV. You should NEVER attempt to diagnose HIV from ANY symptoms or lack of. HIV has no SPECIFIC symptoms. As TEAk said, see your dermatologist for your HIV  NON-RELATED RASH. STOP SYMPTOM HUNTING.


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