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Does this sound like typical progression of HIV?

i had an exposure. we had anal sex. he wore a condom and oddly he never has any precum which seems unusual to me. the condom was fine but at the last moment of pulling out the condom failed. there was no cum in the condom. at the time i was not worried because it seemed like he was withdrawing as it failed.

now its 9 months later. ive been experiencing dry cough, low grade fever, and sudden unexplained weight loss (though i have been trying to lose some weight so i cant tell if this is from dieting or HIV). tender glands in neck, sore throat, post nasal drip, fatigue – for the last 10 days. i thought these symptoms are more indicative after having the HIV virus for years not months?

we did have anal sex where i was the bottom probably 4-5 more times but always with a condom and he never came and the condom never failed.

needless to say i need to get tested, am freaking out so i cant bring myself to test. i dont recall ever having some of the other symptoms such as rash, high fevers, night sweats.

does this sound like hiv to you? ive never had anal sex with anyone else but this person who insists he is negative. i dont know him that well though so im not sure whether to trust him. i asked him to get tested but he never did it which concerned me. i have received oral and been rimmed and other supposedly non risky behaviors with other men but only anal sex with this person. i have never been a top.

i know i had a risk since the condom failed, but everything i read seems to indicate that this was lower risk and since there was no cum on his part it should not have transmitted the virus.

i am looking for some re-assurance to get up the nerve to go get tested. thanks for your help
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The time-line you describe is quite beyond the window period. And the way events occurred, you don't seem to be at risk. Just test once and get peace of mind.
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Not sure what you mean saying the condom failed as he pulled out. Did it break or did it not exit with his penis?
Being you are sexually active you should have routine std checks. Your HIV risk sounds potentially low but why chance it?
Around 20% experience no symptoms for acute hiv infection so testing is the only way to know.
Hope I have my timeline right, but I guess my main question is when the condom failed meaning it tore if he had no cum or precum how likely is it that I could have been infected if he was POZ?
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Protected sex immediately becomes unprotected once the condom breaks. Regardless of the existence of ejaculate nor pre-ejaculate or the lack of it.  You have been advised by iommi on the likelyhood  of your exposure and the unreliability of symptoms in diagnosing HIV. You have to test to know your true status. Since it been 9 months now, a single antibody test will do the trick. Good luck.
i guess what i was looking for was not a diagnosis but maybe a prognosis that the likelihood of infection from one 5 second exposure to someone of unknown status was unlikely to infect me.  just trying to get up my nerve to get tested so i can put my mind at ease.
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