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Dog licking blood then contact with child

Hello I have my menstrual cycle which creates a lot of dirty laundry with fresh blood and my dog was sniffing licking all my laundry and then within maybe 5 mins the dog goes to my child for petting and licking the child.  I fear the worst for me and my child what if I’m living with hiv and now I have exposed my child.  
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It’s also worrying me because a moment after she pet the dog she went to the bathroom so she used her hands she was playing with dog to wipe herself so in my mind the infection goes from my blood transmitted by the dog to her because she wipes herself on mucous membrane
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I’m am terrified please help
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Completely implausible and irrational thought regarding HIV.  You've asked about HIV previously on the site. One final reminder what the risks for HIV are:  having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles. Air inactivates the virus. Your child could lick your underwear themselves and they'd not get HIV (Of course that would be disgusting and don't allow that).  And what if I am living with hiv. You appear to have significant anxiety.  Please talk t your doctor about your anxiety.
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I do talk to doctor and they say opposite they never say any of my irrational thoughts are implausible the doctor says anything is possible and we have to accept uncertainty with any situation
Then get a new doctor that is educated on hiv.  This is a moderated forum and only accurate information is allowed. NO RISK>  that's it.  
Your best bet is to work on the anxiety issues.
Actually, I sincerely doubt ANY medical professional would say that anything is possible. What you've written here is indeed entirely implausible.  
You didn't say your doctor said that about this incident, because if he did you need a different doctor.  Scientifically speaking, very little is known to a 100% certainty, although practicing physicians aren't scientists.  They are technicians.  What's important practically is, does it ever actually happen in real life?  You also say your doctor says this about your irrational thoughts.  If your thoughts are irrational, by definition they are unreasonable.  Don't know if you meant to say that or if it was just a slip of the tongue, but while you have no HIV problem here, as stated above, you may have an anxiety problem.  Peace.
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