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Dont know what to do now

Im a 22 year straight male I had veginal intercourse for a bout 5 mins and about 15 mins anal intercourse with a strange women 7  days ago from today  unproctoteced, I'm worried as I Always use protection the only reason i did not use it this time it was because i do not have any condoms on me, very foolish of me, 3 days after that day i have been feeling very tired and disorientated with  a sore troat and my penis seems to be sore including my scrotum at random times although they look perfectly normal on the outside im haveing this symptoms even until now, I know there is something wrong with me because im a very fit person i always go to the gym this pass 7 days i tried to go to the gym twice and i could not do even half of what i normally do, so the honest truth is that im scared , so i was wondering could this be early sythmons of HIV ? what are the chances of me getting HIV with this intercousre ? or could it be just  another less dangerous STD if so which one has this Symthoms ??

Please Help Thanks.
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Symptoms mean NOTHING, Test 3 months post exposure for your conclusive result
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Since you had unprotected sex you can not exclude the fact that your partner might have had some STDs. Of course since you dont know if she is positive or not, probably not, this lowers your risk of catching STD. Regarding STDs some diseases results in symptoms others pass asymptomatic, without no symptoms.You could test for chlamydia and ghonnorea after 14 days, and HIV ater 3 months. The weakness you feel doesnt necessarily have to be due to a STD. Get tested and get over it.
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