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Drawing blood and hiv transmission

Here’s my story thank u all for trying to help us
I had an hiv blood drawn test after 3 months from my exposure (Negative) when i came back home i remembered that i didnt see the lab worker opening the needle infront of me but i remember when she pricked it it was empty so i started panicking again . I live in the middle east plz try to help me i know it’s my fault not paying attention but i was too nervous
1- did anyone contracted hiv from drawing blood ?
2 - what are my risks ?
3- do i need to test again ?
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This is telltale sign of anxiety. Health care professionals are trained individuals to take care of your and their own safety during blood draw.

The idea of some one deliberately trying to infect you or being not careful whilst drawing your blood is anxiety driven, perhaps a therapist can help you overcome such irrational thoughts. This is an HIV forum and you don't have a concern that's relevant to this forum.
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Thanks for ur reply i know i have hiv anxiety and i’m seeking help i promised my self to do the last test ( after 3 months ) and stop worrying but bcz i was nervous drawing mu blood i didn't pay attention whether she got a new needle or not plz just answer this question ( is it featured to contract hiv or any other disease this way ? ) when pricking the needle if it’s infected would i get it from drawing blood only by pricking to my vein ??
Helloooo anyone plzzz
Please see a therapist for anxiety. We can't help you with fears that are unrealistic. You don't have an HIV concern.
Ok thank u u already said that and i already answered that i’m seeing one instead of repeating why dnt u just answer my questions in order to calm my fears sry Not trying to be rude but i was living in hell waiting these 3 months to pass and now i’m in hell too not paying attention weather the needle was new or not
Please keep following up with your therapist. We can't offer anxiety support from here, this forum is only meant to be for HIV prevention and we have discussed that you were never at risk. I believe you are misinterpreting the information offered to you, I am here to support and not make rude or derogatory comments.
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