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Dry and peeling skin and chronic rashes


Sorry to bother  you.Please clarify my doubts.

I had an unprotected sex 3 months back immediately after this after three days I got a rash on hand with itching and immediately disappeared.After that I got sore throat with mild fever and diaroehea there is infection in pennis,consulted physician given me norfloxacin, and also for fever,and erithromycin saying it is due to throat infection.
Since then I am getting hives and follicles with severe itching and remain for few minutes.
I consulted doctor 3 to 4 times and followed series of medications for all these hives etc.
I used
6.cetrizine hydrochloride

As I am getting side effects I stopped taking anything.
The major problem I faced is formation of dry and peeling skin started in front of my low legs and spreading alover the leg and started at elbow and spreaded through out hands.

I tested for HIV in this sequence

After 36 days HIV 1&2 Rapid Card Test -Negative, Monocyte count-04
After 75 days ELISA Test                     -Negative, Monocyte count-00
After 94 days Retro Quick Test HIV Screening-Negative, Monocyte count-01

My questions are,

1.what is the reason for chronic rashes with severe itching I am getting weekly 3-4 times on thighs and hands?
2.what is the reason for dry and peeling skin forming through out legs and hands?
3.Is this any symptoms of any STD?
4.When I use cetrizine hydrochloride no rashes will be there,but if I stop they started getting again?
5.Is Retro Quick test screening method is accurate or else you ask me to go for any other test?

Please clarify my doubts.


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