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Dry cough HIV

It is very nice to find your forum, it is really help me a lot, but I am become anxiety since my dry cough is continuing for more than a month, and it is never getting better until now ( no cough during nigt, and cough more  between 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm), and I did not experience fever or other illness. The cough happened 12 days after my exposure (unprotected insertive oral , and I think my partner is +) followed with tiredness; I tried to find possible explanation for myself, because my exposure is considered low risk at this forum.  I will get it tested next week, but my anxiety of a month uncured cough almost kills me.  I read many articles these days online, and some of them said Persistent cough is the symptom of HIV.  
I know my question was asked so many times by the other users like me, but when  I search for “dry cough and hiv” there is nothing coming out match to my specific situation.  Please do not delete my question.
Can the blood in her mouth (or others’ semens) increase my chance of HIV?
Can you tell me if my long dry cough caused by HIV?
It’s about six weeks now, so what kind of HIV test should I have?
Is there any other STDs related to my Cough?
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hey you can not relate symptoms with XXX.
one can have no symptoms or many symptoms EVEN MORE THAN THE LIST.so best thing is to test.
but as you said oral.......... it is a REMOTE risk and if you want you can get tested for your peace of mind.
test will be antibody or duo test at this time then confirm it at 13 weeks with antibody test.
good luck
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I really don't think you have HIV. If you are thinking about getting tested (6 weeks is a good time - I'm getting my 6 week tomorrow) I would take the ELISA.
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Thanks for your quick response, this web site always comfort me. but when i go to the other forums, abxiety is the only thing i got.

My cough is getting serious today. Not sure it because the test date is close.

Islandfever, GOOD LUCK on your test tomorrow.

i will get my test on friday. Worried
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You should know that there has never been a proven case of HIV transmission in this manner.  Expect only a negative test result.
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I had sex with a partner Recieved oral sex and had vaginal penetration started with a condom but the condom broke towards end .. Six days later I started having a bad dry cough I researched and found out dry cough was a HIV symptom I then became very fatigue and having head aches i went to the er amd they diagnosed me with bronchitis i then began to have blurry vision confusion and heart felt irregular waking up out of my sleep with bad nightmares and feeling very low. t's been now 7 weeks I still have the cough I am extremely scared its been over a week since I got tested I am still waiting on results any advise on why cough isn't leaving Or my other symptoms please I am really on edge
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