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Dry mouth/cough/red eyes

I'm worried about having my mouth dry for a litttle while. It's not as bad as it was before, but i also had chapped lips. So what i'm thinking is my mouth does'nt feel the same as before i started to worry about hiv infection. My cough is still there but not as bad as before. My eyes are not as clear as they used to be either, people used to wierdly compliment me on how white my eyes were around my cornea(no drugs/alchohol/fast food,ect), not anymore. These suttle changes are bothersome, i do more excercise, eat healthier than most people i know, so i should look/feel better than i do. I know something is up though, i think that after testing negative @ 30 days and again negative @ 85 days, that i may test positive. I think it's because Hep c/hiv coinfection might be occuring. Worried again......
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It seems 50/50 when people answer this, they say it does'nt effect hiv test results, but the way i feel......
And some have even posted up people with coinfections not testing positive until 8 months/ 11 months, ect....this is worrysome.
How often does a coinfection occur in people exposed to a needle stick is hard to find out.
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If you tested negative at 85 days, you are negative.  Dry mouth and chapped lips?  Give me a break.  95% of the population has that.  

You have no reason to worry, but the same is true of virtually all the worried wells on this forum.  They worry for no reason.

So worry away.  
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there have been only ~2 cases like that and they were 10+ years ago. Dont think youre the anomaly... its ridiculous.

Furthermore, you do not have a coinfection. You're finding things now, which means you're fine. ANYTHING can make your eyes red, lack of sleep, stress, allergies, etc.

You're just over inspecting yourself now. Move on.
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Rae!-What makes you think i don't have a coinfection? Is'nt co-infection a given if the person had hiv & hep-c would i not most likley become co-i? No?

-I want to believe i'm negative like my tests say, but man, i just been getting these signals body wise, that it's still possibly delayed through co-i.

-Two cases huh.....
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You are HIV negative.  Relax and stop searching for symptoms and get off the net.
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just because a couple cases involving hep c had a delayed seroconversion (YEARS AGO), does not mean it still happens. Hep C will not extend the window period regardless.

I sincerely doubt you have anything but youll convince yourself otherwise. Hep C is not sexually transmitted, although I dont know your exposure. Either way, get over it.
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-I'm happy to hear what you just said to me Rae1, really.
-This has been my number one reason for remaining on the forum.
-Teak and other knowledgables have basically eched your statement, it's just a difficult, deep seeded fear that i'm somehow falling ill with hiv.

fyi-My exposure was a needle stick.
-The person who stuck me is a know iv drug user, the chances of this person having hiv/hep-c is probably an absolute certainty i'd imagine, although the police state that she said she was not positive and did't request and meds for either hiv -or- hep-c when booked. Who knows.....
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The toungue is a very good window into your overall health and my tounge is'nt looking so good right now. I hope i'm wrong but it seems to match up with some of the pictures i Googled in Google images. I'm getting seriously to the point were i'm resigned to believe that i probably contracted hiv. I'll probably only live 5-7 years if i'm lucky, because i'll prob. have hiv & hep c together. My liver/kidneys will give out, i'm so tired of thinking about hiv 247 man, if they say pos i'm gonna have a major meltdown, i just hope i can keep it together until my mother passes away, after that i don't care what happens to me...Sorry for tha drama guy, just having a [email protected]@y moment...
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be strong mate...85 days are conclusive...if u have tested neg..it means ur neg....
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I have tested negative to 9.5 weeks and have also had very dry mouth...especially at night.  I read somewhere that anxiety can cause this too.If your worried about symptoms, there comes a time (post negative tests) when you need to foucs attention on other illnesses (anxiety inlcuded) and get yourself better.  I say this, b/c it applies to me too.  God willing, I will collect my negative 12 week in a few days and then try to get myself healthy...free from anxiety and whatever else is hrutin my body
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you need to see a psychological counselor and soon
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if it makes you feel better, go get a rapid and talk to an hiv counselor at 90+ days. They will consider it final. Furthermore, if you are truly worried about hep c, go get tested for it. Sitting there pouting and talking about the end of your life and having evidence against everything you say doesnt make much sense at all. Try and be logical.
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I was tested for hiv/hep as well as all other stds @ 30 days and @ 12 weeks (85 days). I'm going to wait until i reach the 6 months and one week mark which will be in Feb, until then Rae1, yes i'm worried as you would be to i would assume. This is not really a psychological event, my health is @ stake, my life is @ stake, no small matter. I'm no pouter either my friend, get stuck by some junkies needle and see what thoughs run through your mind Rae1.
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hmm...i would say that...whether the RISK is REAL, or the FACT is REAL...1 thing is certain, that is...the FEAR IS REAL...

advising our frens here to go get some counselling/psychological help is good...but making fun of them and make them feel like they are some nutcase is not very nice...

to be honest, i've been down, i've been suicidal..i had 7.5 weeks neg n now waiting for 12 weeks...n i know wat FEAR is...
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and Rae1, i'm not talking bout u, i'm jz talking bout in general this forum
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  This is in fact REAL, and the risk is VERY real. I don't have the  time to be on this forum asking question and voicing concerns regarding my paticular risk factors
four  the last four months consumed with thoughts of hiv/hep-c/syphillis/suicide/ect. I guess it's easier for people to make snide remarks and relish in other peoples miseries than it is to get sencerity.
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