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Dry tongue

Went to massage parlour lady massaged me with handjob and i kissed her cheeks and breasts with closed mouth and took my hand to her butts and thighs but not to her vagina ir anus. And i laud to her dide and on her with my underwear and my under Was siaked with my secretions and she was clothed. So any skin break in my lips or my skin and she massaging and having cuts on her hands or bodily fluids comming in contact when lying on her could lead to HIV . I am suffering from tongue dryness and I  read on Internet its one of the cause is HIV, dead scared. Pls guide
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Here are the ONLY risks for HIV. To have unprotected (without condom and penetration required) vaginal intercourse or unprotected anal intercourse or to share IV needles to inject drugs. Air and saliva inactivate the virus. So, all of the things you mention in your post are not risks. Air is always present. Cuts on her hand during a hand job will not transmit the virus, hands do not transmit hiv. ONLY the three risks mentioned above. Kissing, touching also do not transmit hiv. Touching secretions will not transmit the virus. ONLY the above three things. So, you had no risk and have nothing to worry about and do not need to test.
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Thank you
I am grateful for your reply, my concern - masseuse went to washroom to relieve herself, after she came kissed her butts breasts, neck,  took nipples in between lips and pressed , kissed armpits with sweat on it and possibly she sat on commode then I kissed her buts any risk of other infections. Was on her with my underwear  with early discharge and herself wearing clothes with possible mixing of semen and vaginal secretions and risk of infection. Feeling jittery
I forgot I ran my hand over her vagina on her clothes and tried some fingering but she stopped, so any secretions in my hand which I might have touched in my mouth eyes etc, and kussed her lips with mouth closed. She might  had body to body or blow job prior me and if that persons semen is in her breasts and her body can I be risk of sti if I kissed her body.
It doesn't matter what detail or concern you add to this event - it will not turn into a risk for HIV.

Unless you have unprotected anal/vaginal intercourse, or share intravenous needles, you will NEVER have to worry about HIV.
Thanks , so I can relax and have sex with my partner. Pls advise.
I'm not going to provide you with continual reassurances. You were never at risk for HIV or STDs.
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