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Dubai condom broke

Hii am a 40 yr old male. In an act of desperation i met an indonesian women on dating site in dubai. We end up having vaginal intercourse. I performed unprotected oral on her also/ apart from that open mouthed kissing. She performed unprotected oral on me too for a brief moment. My worry is during second round of vaginal protected sex condom broke. I did not came to know about condom broke until i finsihed and took my penis out. Too my surprise condom had broken wide open from the front. My entire penis was exposed to her vaginal fluids. Am so depressed and want to end my life. I dont  know hiv satus of women. She said she is clean but i cant trust. I will go for hiv test after window period. I dont know how i will stay sane during this period. Plse let me know is my exposure extremely high risk and do i have some factors in my favour. Can i stay positive and expect results will be in my favour. Scared to hell. Plse plse hekp.
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You don't always get hiv from unprotected vaginal, so don't spend any time worrying about it. Who supplied the condom, you or her?
It was me. Durex.
How much risk i have. Plse advise
Statistics are for large numbers of people, and you are just one. I wouldn't worry about it while you wait to test, if she always uses condoms. Did she ask you to use one? When did this happen?
The stats will tell you the risk is small, but that is not a guarantee. Answering my questions might help quantify this better.
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A broken condom for a one time event is low risk.  Less than 2 percent transmission.   I wouldn't be overly worried but you will need to test at 28 days post exposure with a 4th generation duo test.  
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