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Duration of HIV Rash

Around 3rd Jan this year I had a drunken encounter with a woman of unknown status, three weeks later I developed fatigue, flu and fever which lasted for about a week, had my lymp nodes in my thugs swollen for about 3 days. As I was recovering from the flu I had full body rash (Neck down) which were pointy more like goosebumps except they were red or purplish. The rash lasted for exactly 24 hours and disappeared. What is the possibility of me having contracted HIV?!?! I thought it could be covid.
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Was the encounter oral, anal or vaginal and did you use a condom?
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Vaginal without condom
If you are concerned, you can take a 4th generation test any time now for your conclusive result.
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An HIV-related rash wouldn't last just 24 hours.

If your encounter was unprotected, just test at the appropriate time to know your status for sure.
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