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EDP test for HIV


Last week I underwent EDP (Early Detection Profile) test for HIV as I doubted I might be infected after the unprotected sex.  I had this EDP test ten days after the unprotected sex.  Now I got the result which is printed below.  

1. Infections:
    HIV-DUO by CMIA (IV th Generation test – NON REACTIVE (0.1)

2. HIV-p24 antigen detection by ELFA – NEGATIVE

3. Nucleic acid detection
    HIV-proviral DNA by Real time PCR - NOT DETECTED

4. HIV-1 RNA Qualitative (detection) –COBAS TaqMan

Test: Qualitative (Detection) of HIV-1 RNA from patient’s plasma
by Standard procedure on COBAS TaqMan

Equipment: COBAS AmpliPrep and COBAS TaqMan

Limit of Detection: 20 copies/ml


Now I want to know few things as nobody is aware of EDP.  

1. Is the EDP test result reliable? Or should I go for testing again after 3 months?

2. What is the minimum number of days to go for EDP after the unprotected sex? Is ten days sufficient enough for EDP to detect presence of HIV?

3. NON REACTIVE (0.1 index) – what is the meaning of 0.1 index?

4. How EDP differs from PCR?  Or both EDP & PCR are same?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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1. In America an early test has just been approved 2 days ago, so for the time being we still use the standard antibody test to be conclusive at 3 months. Speak with your Dr to see the guidelines in your country.

2. Talk to your Dr

3. 0.1 is jst a number, in America we don't even go by any numbers it is either reactive or non-reactive.

4. Speak with your Dr.

It is difficult for us to comment on testing methods in out countries due to the difference in tests used.
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10 days is not reliable for nuclic acid test. so is p24 antigen test. i would ask you to go for an antibody test 3 months for a conclusive negative . the results of EDP is very encouraging but not conclusive .
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But I was told by the qualified lab technician that 7 days would be enough for EDP, thats the reason why I got tested after 10 days.
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3 months for a conclusive negative test result.
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Thanks for your replies.

Ok I am going to test after 3 months for the conclusive result.  But can you confirm me, if p24 antigen test detects HIV as early as 10 days post infection? and what is the percentage of its reliablity?
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First of all dna and rna detect the  hiv virus in 24 hrs according to the biotech people...den also dermotologist..say 3 day is enough to detect virus...to know result..but den we need to wait 45 days or 3 months...
wat Lawrence had done test same i had done test by...
Non Reactive Index was :-0.2
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PCR-DNA tests are not approved diagnostic tests for HIV.
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