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Early HIV symptoms?

Hello, I had an encounter November 19, 2017. Today is December 9, 2017 (20 days later, roughly 3 weeks)

This encounter consisted of kissing, receiving an unprotected blowjob and me performing analingus (anal rimming, tongue inside anus). There was NO penetration involved.

Within 4 days or so, I've noticed my meatus more closed than usual (possibly swollen?). There was occasional infrequent burning or tingling at the tip, but as of late I haven't felt anything. I can urinate and ejaculate normal, but sometimes the semen seems to be stuck inside the meatus and slowly drips out over a couple minutes. No pain during masturbation or ejaculation.

However, in regards to possible HIV symptoms, I've noticed a white coating on my tongue last night and I've noticed what seems to be the start of a sore throat tonight. Sometimes I get this very light cool or slight burning feeling in the back of my mouth when I inhale, but sometimes when I'm preoccupied I don't notice.

Could this be a symptom of HIV? Was I at high risk for HIV?

I took a 4th gen RNA (rapid early detection) test on the 12th day and was negative. I was told the accuracy rate was 95-97%, and will remain 99% accurate after 28 days. I also tested for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia 4.5 days later (November 24, 2017 12:30pm) and was negative as well.

I went through extreme anxiety and stress the first couple of weeks, feeling nauseous in the first week and had diarrhea. I went to a urologist December 1, 2017 (12 days after exposure) and the urologist said everything looked fine, no swollen lymph nodes, no lesions, etc, but recommended I take Zantac 150mg for 2 weeks to alleviate my GI Stress (Gastrointestinal).

Thank you so much for anyone taking the time to read this. I wish I never went through this encounter. I plan to test again at 4 weeks, then 8 weeks, 12 weeks and 16 weeks.
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You did not have any risk of getting HIV, which is transmitted through unprotected vaginal/anal penetrations. There is also the possibility of getting HIV sharing needles to inject drugs and also an hiv+ mother could transmit it to her children.

Oral sex can involve you in a risk of getting other STDs as the ones you got tested for, but It would have been better to wait for three weeks (their window period).

But you have nothing to worry about. You did not have any risk at all to catch HIV.

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You are fine, never exposed to HIV. You did not need that test, however you got it done, fine. No need to repeat it on 28th day. It is waste of time and money
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HIV is not a concern here as none of your activity was a risk.  The only risks for HIV for adults is unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  I agree too with what diver has said regarding testing.  You did not need to test but if you had, you did so too early basically wasting your money.  the 4th gen test is to be taken from day 28 on.  But you do not need another test as you had zero risk.  
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Thank you for the responses everyone. I feel much more reassured.

In regards to the white tongue, I've tried upping my oral hygiene and brushing, flossing, and using a tongue brush a lot more as well as drinking more fluids, and I can see a subtle improvement. I was also worried a couple nights ago I was developing a sore throat, but it had mostly subsided rather quickly, so I'm pretty relieved.

I'll still take a 10-panel test after the 1 month mark and will update.
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This is not an std forum, just HIV.
Your self-diagnosed white tongue is likely just from over-analyzing the same thing your tongue normally looks like, but thinking it is an HIV danger signal, which it isn't. My tongue is white but I don't have HIV and my dentist has never commented.
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