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Early symptoms

How common is it for HIV symptoms to appear within the first year of exposure (not counting ARS, just later HIV symptoms).  I had a possible heterosexual exposure in 9/07 (I'm a woman) and I'm waiting on the results of my HIV test..just got the blood drawn yesterday.

Meanwhile for the last several weeks I've had low grade fevers that come and go (never above 99.5 or so) and 3 hard glands in the back of my head at the hairline.  I have a general sense of malaise that I can't shake, and of course plenty of anxiety that probably isn't helping.

So bottom line:  do HIV+ people frequently have symptoms within the first year?  I had no ARS episode.  Thanks for reading this.
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I agree with Lizzie
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Believe me, I've read and re-read the doctor's comments and I guess I'm just full of anxiety.  I also don't feel it's normal to have the type of symptoms I'm having for this long. I wish I'd done the rapid test instead of having to sweat it out over the weekend.

Take care.
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