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Educate me

Hi experts/Nursegirl,

i wanted to know the below thing from you.

i know it's irrational but wanted to know how it works.

1. whenever doctors give injection to butt, they will inject the medicine
into muscle and will they actually pull back the
plunger to check if they have hit the muscle properly?

2. will there be any blood gets accumulated into needle after it?

3. if @ all blood is there how long hiv virus can survive in medicine apart from blood, salive, semen?

4. if virus doesnot survive in other liquids, how IV drug users get infected if they re use?

kindly consider this as questions and educate me.
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There is nothing to answer.

HIV is transmitted by;
Unprotected penetrative anal and/or vaginal sex
Sharing works with other IV drug abusers
Mother to child
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Yes it is irrational and not an HIV concern.
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Hi Teak,

Thanks for reply :)

but can you answer my abive questions in (Yes/No) words.

I need to know to calm my fears.

reply from you will definitely 100% bring my tension becos you are very knowledgeble.

it's purely for my understanding sir plss
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yes i understood that.

My question is whenever docs give injection to muscle, is there any chance of blood getting in to needle after injecting the medicine into muscles,
since they are not drawing blood?

will they pull back the plunger and blood flows inside the needle?

very last question and i am not going to waste ur time sir i promise
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Hi Teak,

anybody pls answer my above qsns.. plzzzzz
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How would Hiv infected blood get on the syringe that was injected into you.That is highly irrational thinking.You need to stop being paranoid.
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Here is the truth.

i went to one clinic which very very very low hygine.

could not stop going there because i was having bad cough and mucus. there was no other clinic.

that doctor spoke nicely but i did not see him wearing gloves anything. i did not see him opening new needle.

there was already an injection which was inserted into medicine bottle. he drew some medicine and gave me the injection to blood.

i did not even see him throwing after this. :(
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Hi getitright,

This happened on Oct 21st and i got tested on Nov2nd and nov 19th

after 12(Rapid) and 30 days(Elisa) followed. negative.

should i believe that test and move on
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Ok,But you have no proof that the syringe was re-used.It doesn't happen unless you're from an African nation maybe.We have to trust doctors and nurses or who do we trust then?
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Yes,you can trust that test because you had no risk.
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few things to add.

its almost 8 weeks and did not experience anything like fever, rash, swollen glands, sore throat nothing.

just anxiety contributed and made me to think like this.

but now after 8 weeks, i am having a white color coat in my lower lip.

is this hiv symptom or should i remove evrything and move on.

by the way am from india
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Not Hiv related and I would forget all about this.India has improved with there OHand S and they are improving with there hygene and health care standards.You're safe.
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thanks getitright.

so you dont recommend me to get tested again?

just a last question i promise.

how much conclusive elisa test @ 31 days if somebody infected newly.

what's the % of people test positive by that time.

even though i dont have exposure, i am just calming down myself with 31 day result and need ur words on this.
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Hi getitright,

could you answer above. i promise i dont ask anything :)
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An elisa test at around 31 days would be 90 to 95% conclusive.If it was a DUO it would be 99.89%.
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Thanks getitright

I am happily forgetting whatever happend and stay away from internet for few days.

i am just married and did not have intercourse with my partner because of this. :(

so i can proceed with my normal life right?

Thanks for your help and i pray god to keep all u guys out here healthy :)
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also my 31st day result was something like this

OD value:0.3
cutoff value:0.4

should i be worried about numbers or has it anything to do?

becos i can it's pretty close to 0.4 :(
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The numbers mean nothing.There just values.All that counts is the word negative.Let this go.You had no risk and your negative result is also proof of this.
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i will move on with my life and partner.

Thanks and god bless you
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All the best to you and your family and have a great Holiday.
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