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Can someone please explain to me how hiv could or could not be passed on through cuts or wounds because i am hearing so many different conflicting opinions, my last post on here was regarding an ncident where my sons hairdresser cut herself while trimming his hairs, he had a few little bites from headlice, i have been told that the risk is small from my doctor but in other cases i have read that there is no risk at all. Teak suggested people need to get educated but there is very little info on the net or in leaflets regarding transmission from cuts and wounds and i dont think its healthy to be continuosly searching the net when the stories are so different, am i righ in thinking that regardless of whether the cut is open that if its superficial then there is no risk posed ? thankyou
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"HIV isn't so easily transmitted.  Minor cuts and trivial blood exposures simply don't create a measurable risk.  Like many persons, you seem to think that "just one virus" is enough to transmit the infection.  That is not the case.  Substantial amounts of infected blood or secretions have to be introduced into the body in a way that exposes certain cells to the virus.  If HIV could be transmitted in the ways you are worrying about, AIDS would be 100 times more common than it is and would not be classified as an STD."
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thanks lizzie, that was helpful, im just a worried mom , i wont post again, i only posted twice teak , i just wanted to know the facts and get them straight in my head rather than sit here worrying needlessly :(
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